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Thread: German singer Nadja Benaissa arrested for spreading HIV knowingly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenny View Post
    I remember a similar story about a man near Würzburg. I think he had sex with a mother and her daughter and infected at least one of them. My memory is very blurry but I think he got jail.
    There is a lot of sympathy here in Germany for that bitch which I cannot believe. A lot of the comments below the articles say that the dude should blame himself because he should have used a condom and he basically accepted all consequences so it's not her fault.
    This is fucking ridiculous. Sure, the dude sounds like a douche and a fucking stupid idiot but this doesn't change anything. If someone asks you to kill him you still are not allowed to do it just because the victim agrees to it.
    I think this vile skank deserves jail time for this.
    I believe her doctors told her that the risk is very low and that her daily life won't change much except for having to take medicine but I seriously doubt that any doctor told her that she can fuck around without condom without any risk to infect someone. This is just a lame excuse because she doesn't want to take resposibility.
    I'd love to smack that smug grin off her face.
    i totally agree with this. the german court system is pretty forgiving, but i think she would've gotten jail time if she had been of legal age when she did it and if she wasn't a mother.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chilly Willy View Post
    I'm still shocked that she actually did this. She always came across as smart and kind.

    At first I tried to excuse it by taking into consideration how much harder it must be for a celeb to come clean about HIV than for the average Joe. But then it dawned on me that she didn't even have to mention her infection, she could have just insisted on condoms, period.

    It's horrible that she did this to the victim. Maybe there are even more, they talked about three guys who testified. She destroyed their lives.

    Minors rarely get serious jail time in Germany, esp. not as first time offenders. That's just the way it is here. She did this when she was 17. She was a crackhead runaway prior to that.

    Her life got destroyed, too. Her daughter found out on tv that her mom has HIV. Her career flatlined today. I'm sure her victims find some consolation in that.
    i think so, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by mella View Post
    letting this case go to court is ridiculous . It takes two to have sex and everybody should be responsible for safe sex not just one person . They were both criminally stupid but that's not a crime
    this is not about having sex. this is about sex leading to battery which, in various forms, is a crime. if you commit a crime your case usually goes to court. if you find this ridiculous you should emigrate to saudi arabia or china or some other lovely places.
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    What? I can't believe she got away with it. I don't care if her career is over, what a disgusting human being.

    I agree men are responsible too but what she did is lame. Period.
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