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Thread: George Clooney: 'Fabio could probably beat me up'

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    George looks gaunt... There is a very likable quality about him. I like his sense of humor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherrypye View Post
    I really like and respect Clooney. He's one of the few with an intelligent sense of humor and some sense in his head. Granted, he appears to rent women, but 2 out 3 ain't bad!
    Totally! Did you see that new Us Weekly with the article on his "girlfriend" Sarah Larsen? I would rather not hear about her at all!

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    Default Has Clooney jumped the shark?

    Poor fellow, pushed around by that big bully. So where were Richie and Ralph Malph while this was going on? If only Fonzie had been there, things would've worked out diferently.

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