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Thread: Gene Simmons disses Rihanna as a singer

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeraGemini View Post
    Gene didn't get enough attention from dissing Madonna, so he asked his kids for the name of a more current act to take a shot at.

    I'm wondering how long this tour will last. You've got the most corporate, well-oiled business machine in rock touring with the guys responsible for the Dirt. (Granted, most of the Dirt was either exaggerated or completely made up, but they did do some of it.) Two bass players with ENORMOUS egos and a propensity for shooting their mouths off. One band known for their clean living ways, another with the biggest semi-functioning alcoholic in rock for a lead singer.

    It could be epic.
    Gene Simmons would either cancel the tour or kick them out and keep it moving. Gene Simmons is a jackass, but he doesn't fuck around when it comes to money and he wouldn't put up with Motley Crue's BS for too long if it got too out of hand.

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    I'm not a huge kiss fan so I don't know too much about them. Their music is alright but I have to agree...Rihanna sucks. She's a crap singer and the laziest performer I have ever seen. Shes lucky she has great producers to come up with catchy beats for her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    While Gene is blathering on about fake bullshit (like the dead squirrel on his head that pretends to be his hair, and his fake scripted reality show) I'll just leave this here

    Hey, why drag Buddha into this?!?!?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    Hey, why drag Buddha into this?!?!?!
    I hate having to correct people but that's Genghis Khan.
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    I don't mind Gene hating on Rihanna at all. I've been a Kiss fan for 31 years and 31 years from now, Rihanna will be nothing but that chick who got her ass beat by her equally unmemorable boyfriend.

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