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Thread: Gabriel Aubry considering filing for permanent custody of daughter Nahla

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    Olivier take note. Your turn will come.
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    Halle’s the common denominator in all this and it’s been a pattern in basically all her relationships so I’m inclined to believe she’s the one instigating it.
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    Halle is just batshit crazy, also she lacks class, dignity. I really did not need to know any of this stuff about her ex, now imagine how Nahla will find this, now that it is online?
    What kind of person does that to her daughter?

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    A batshit crazy one that lacks class & dignity???

    I thought that stuff like this (pertaining to personal medical information) is sealed by the courts? Total cunt trick leaking this stuff.

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    I feel for these kids. Having a crazy narcissistic bitch for a mother can do a lot of damage.
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