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Thread: Forbes Magazine says Lindsay Lohan got stiffed 500k for Marilyn Monroe photos

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    I don't think Lohan is any more of a junkie whore than MM was if you get right down to it. In fact, Marilyn may well have exceeded Lohan's number of partners by the time she was Lohan's age. They both have/had serious addiction problems -- to alcohol, sex, and drugs. MM was a better comedienne, and smartened up a lot as she got older, but she came up during an era when studios tightly controlled a star's image and made all the bad stuff go away. MM was also famous for using the casting couch to get parts. After she gained some credibility in the industry, she announced that she never had to to "suck cock" again.

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    ^I think they all probably used the casting couch. But at least they had talent to fall back on, unlike some "actresses." *cough cough*

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