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Thread: Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin, CEOs Arrested in College Admissions Cheating Scam

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    Lori Loughlin, co-defendants ask judge to toss charges in college admissions scandal

    Lori Loughlin and 13 other parents charged in the college admissions scandal asked a judge on Wednesday to dismiss the fraud, bribery and money laundering charges lodged against them, arguing that federal prosecutors in Boston violated their rights and broke judicial rules by withholding for 16 months notes taken by the scam’s ringleader, William “Rick” Singer.

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    Sounds like a Hail Mary motion. Basically, the prosecutors had seen a message between Singer an his attorney Heller. They think prosecutors should have revealed it, but prosecutors had decided the messages were covered by attorney-client privilege. A key paragraph about this is at the end of the article and is between a defendant's attorney and Heller:
    “I noticed that you attended Brooklyn Law School and so did I,” Heller wrote. “The school must have ended instruction on the very important subject of the attorney-client privilege.”
    “What I do know,” Heller wrote, “is that no one from the government side, [prosecutors] or agents, ever threatened, intimidated or directed my client to lie in my presence. So I will see you in court pal.

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    Hay guys. Can y'all just forget about all this shit cause "coronavirus".
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    Why is the court even dealing with this right now? It's a non-violent offense, and while I think they should get the book thrown at them, this is just not the time for that.

    And Mo, totally agree with you. I knew the defense attorneys would be looking for any available loophole they could use. Let's face it, these multi-millionaires have the money to throw at their legal defense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsDark View Post
    Hay guys. Can y'all just forget about all this shit cause "coronavirus".
    I've got a relative who's a cop, and that's been a really popular excuse for speeding these days.
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