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Thread: F#ck NO! They re-made Grease for TV???????

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    Underwhelming and overhyped!
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    Vanessa Hudgens stole the show, IMO. She was surprisingly good and I was expecting her to ass up Rizzo. The whole show wasn't nearly the trainwreck I was expecting, actually.
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    Did ya'll know this? I kept looking at the shop teacher....going "Who IS that? She looks familiar!!"

    Eve Plumb joins ‘Grease’ cast She will play role Ghostly played in film

    Eve Plumb is part of the ‘Grease: Live” cast.

    By Rick Bentley

    Eve Plumb, best known for playing middle sister Jan on “The Brady Bunch, was quite familiar with the stage production when she showed up to be in “Grease: Live” for FOX. She’s best known for TV and film work but the Californian native has done some musical theater over the years.
    “I played Sandy in a production of ‘Grease’ that Fran Drescher produced,” Plumb says.

    Eve Plumb joins ‚€˜Grease‚€™ cast | Fresno Bee

    "Grease" was a huge part of Julianne Hough and Aaron Tveit's childhoods. They talk about starring in FOX's "Grease Live," which airs Sunday, Jan. 31. FOX FOX

    At 57, Plumb is a little too old to play the high school student who falls for the bad boy. That role goes to Julianne Hough in the production that will air on FOX at 7 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 31. Plumb is taking on the role of Mrs. Murdock.
    If you have seen the John Travolta/Olivia Newton-John film, Mrs. Murdock was played by Alice Ghostly. The actress is not worried about duplicating what Ghostly did in the film because it has has been years since she saw the movie.
    Plumb had audition for several different roles but considers herself lucky just to be part of the large ensemble cast that also includes Vanessa Hudgens, Keke Palmer and Carly Rae Jepsen.

    Having done theater and TV puts Plumb in very familiar ground for the live musical telecast.
    “It is being done like a theater production but there is that psychology that millions are watching. In the end, whether you are acting in a theater or in front of cameras, you just forget all of that and do the work,” Plumb says.
    This philosophy comes from years of acting as Plumb began her professional career in 1969 appearing in television commercials. She started landing roles in TV shows but the role that would define her came along in 1969 when she became part of “The Brady Bunch.”
    Plumb played Jan in a variety of other projects including “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour,” “The Brady Girls Get Married” and “A Very Brady Christmas.”

    As for the continued love of “The Brady Bunch,” Plumb believes that while it was produced in the ‘70s, the stories are so universal they continue to resonate with viewers.
    “The problems we faced weren’t paramount. They were small problems that we were able to handle,” Plumb says.
    In recent years, Plumb launched a second career as a painter with her work being shown at galleries across the country. But, she returns to acting whenever she gets a chance.
    “I love this project because it is bringing theater to the masses,” Plumb says. “I am hoping that it will bring about an interest in people doing theater and that is good for the business.”

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    WOW! Jane Brady was the shop teacher. She was great. I was wondering who that was. Way to go, Eve Plumb!
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    I saw the guy who played danny on andy cohen last week and could not believe THAT was the guy playing danny zucco. he didn't look like someone who could carry this role and he wasn't even hot.
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    The guys had no sex appeal. Vanessa was great as Rizzo. I had to call my sister to say that gay Travolta was manlier than the new Danny.
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    Wow. How cool.

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    Holy shit, I never would have guessed that was Eve Plumb! I watched it and didn't think it was bad, although I kept comparing the new characters to the original. It was cool seeing DiDi Conn. She still sounds the same and still resembled her old self, which is nice. However, IMO Olivia Newton John and John Travolta were awesome together. I didn't like the new Danny at all. Another actor who made an appearance was Barry Pearl who played Doody - who I also didn't recognize at the time. Anyway, I still enjoy the original way better.

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    It's so hard to replace or even out do Olivia Newton John and John Travolta. Both were perfect in Grease
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    I actually liked it.
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