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Thread: Ex-Scientologist Jenna Miscavige Hill on ABC Nightline TONIGHT (11:35)

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    Freaky. I bet Jenna constantly has to look over her shoulder every time she leaves her house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CherryDarling View Post
    Freaky. I bet Jenna constantly has to look over her shoulder every time she leaves her house.
    Absolutely... it must be so scary for her... they are some absolutely freaky mind-fuckers.

    Every now and then, I have this urge to go to the CO$ centre in Brisbane to check it out and see what it's all about, I consider myself pretty head strong, you can't talk me into shit I don't want and I don't fall for hard-sell tactics so I figure I'm safe, but then again I just think their sales-pitch must be something else cause all these suckers got sucked.

    And I don't want these people having my personal details... that would be the scariest part... I'd probably come home and find my cat hanging from a tree...
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    I didn't see the episode, but it she must be brave to be so open about it, because she's probably being stalked by co$ wackadoos.
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    I Ti-fauxed the show, but haven't watched it yet in full. She talked a lot about Sea Org, the bits and pieces I saw.

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    What a strong brave girl. I think Davey Misscabbage looked like a little kid, what a clown. Good for Jenna getting out. How can this so called organization keep ripping off the irs by claiming to be a religion? My church never gave me mounds of 'write ups' for my life. I never had to scrub stairs, the janitor got paid to do that stuff. Disgusting.

    Also, what the heck kind of response was that from cos, anyway? What scum to try and sully her reputation. Clearly by her body language she is still suffering from her life in this cult. She is no longer a member, so how dare they even speak about her. She is done with them like a day old hanky, they are now commiting a crime if they contact or harrass her.

    Where is Gloria Allred?? Jenna needs a pitbull on her side.

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    I think I have mentioned before on the boards that one of my closest friends was raised on the "ranch" until his father kidnapped he and his brother. His mother later also left the church, and there is one more sibling that is still in and refuses to speak to any of them. His accounts of the ranch are exactly as Jenna said - basic slave labor.

    My my, didn't we all just dip our tongues in some acid today.

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