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Thread: Evan Rachel Wood 'Marilyn Manson horrifically abused me for years'

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    Quote Originally Posted by CornFlakegrl View Post
    On the Manson Nazi stuff - I thought it was part of his act. He seemed to be the shock jock of the goth world. I never took it as a promotion of Nazis but rather his trying to be as dark (and gross) as he could be. To be honest, back when he came out, it never occurred to me to be offended by it or see it as anti-semitic. It was a wanna be playing with dark images.
    Exactly, when he really started to use nazi imagery (mostly after Golden Age of Grotesque album) I also thought it was an act, just like his use of Christian imagery, dressing up as the Pope and stuff. I never imagined it was really anti semitic. Quite the contrary actually, just like he used the Pope's image to criticise the Church, I was convinced his nazi looks were to criticise dictatorships, censorship and so on.

    I'm certain he'd tell a young girl that. Reveal the "real" him to her and advise her not confuse his onstage persona with the nice guy he really is. Then he lures her into the rape room.
    I'm also convinced that for a couple of months he was actually the sweetest guy on earth with her, because that's a common technique. Your victims then stay with you because they think those first months, which were so good and romantic were "the real you" and you'll soon revert back to being that person, when in fact, those first months were the lie, the trap to lure you in.
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    Law enforcement reportedly planning to meet with Marilyn Manson accuser

    The shocking claims of abuse against Marilyn Manson are being looked at by law enforcement — with officers already planning to meet at least one of his accusers, according to a report.

    The FBI was first to look at complaints against the 52-year-old shock-rocker — real name Brian Warner — and involved local Los Angeles law enforcement, sources told TMZ.

    Now officers from the LA County Sheriff’s Department plan to meet with at least one of the numerous accusers, the outlet said. It was not immediately clear which of the around a dozen women who have made public accusations was being consulted.

    TMZ’s sources stressed that the meeting was just an initial examination into whether a crime had been committed which warranted further investigation.

    It was not clear if the FBI was still involved, nor if more than one of the accusations was being investigated, TMZ said. Manson previously refused to answer the door to his Hollywood Hills home when officers made a welfare check.

    The slew of complaints started on Feb. 1 when actress Evan Rachel Wood accused her former fiancee of having “horrifically abused me for years.”

    “I am here to expose this dangerous man and call out the many industries that have enabled him, before he ruins any more lives,” the 33-year-old actress tweeted.

    Others quickly came forward, including “Game of Thrones” actress Esmé Bianco who said she left her husband to be with Manson, just for him to cut her, whip her and chase her with an ax.

    Manson — who was dumped by his record label as well as his longtime manager — has insisted the accusations are “horrible distortions of reality.”

    “My intimate relationships have always been consensual with like-minded partners. Regardless of how — and why — others are now choosing to misrepresent the past, that is the truth,” he wrote on social media.
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    I had no idea he's currently married ???
    Lucky gal.
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    where does it say that? i missed it.

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    ^Back over the page in one of the stories about him being in hiding "with his wife Lindsay Usich" or something.

    And I'd never heard about Esme Bianco leaving her husband for him - wtf was she doing with him?
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