I guess I'm just lucky.....hardly anybody ever quizzed me about kids. Only person who ever made a nasty remark was my bitch of a half sister, and it's one of many reasons why I've no interest in having a relationship with her ever again. Ironically, she got married to a complete numpty at the last possible minute so she could have *one* and then they got divorced in fairly short order and she hasn't had a relationship since. Much too late, she lamented that her college age daughter had never had the opportunity to see her mother in a good relationship, you know--as a learning thing. I thought to myself, "knowing you, a good relationship wouldn't have happened, so it's probably better this way." Difference between her and me, I didn't SAY it.

The one thing I wish I had done is have some of my eggs frozen when I was younger. Not for me, for someone else. Generally, good health and longevity does run in my family, as well as intelligence and artistic ability...there're a few bugs but overall not the worst genes to pass on, we've no serial killers or politicians that I know of. I have a dear friend who had cancer in her mid-30s and has struggled mightily to have a child, without success. She can't afford to buy eggs and such, and apparently nobody in her family is a good candidate for donation. I wish I had some of my own to offer her. I'm too damn old now. *sigh*

Re: this story, I think it's wise that Eva just came out and said it and shut the issue down, as much as possible. Good for her. No matter which publication did the digging--People, the Fail or whatever--fuck them.