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Thread: Eva Longoria Plans To Open Women-Only Steakhouse?

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    She's been pretty successful with Beso. Oh wait, they reorganized under bankruptcy protection.
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    I cook it a little more than rare. But I like it red in the middle. And that bloody juice is awesome. I live in the well-done capital of the world, if what I observe is any indication. I roll my eyes when dumb rednecks order a huge cut of meat, want it extra well done, then get all pissy when it's not out in 20 minutes. They should serve the motherfuckers a piece of tough burnt rubber with steak sauce on it and call it a day.
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    I hate a burnt-up well-done steak too, but I don't like a lot of blood either. I'm a medium-rare or medium (but not medium-well) guy - If it's pink and in the middle and tender, I'm happy. To each their own though...

    I love to broil a New York Strip in ghee (butter oil) or olive oil. So damn tender and juicy... *drools*

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    Dear Eva,
    If ths is really a female concept steak house, please explain why you are not hiring a woman chef.
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    Well, I have a hubby who hates to watch me eat steak.

    We have a nice steakhouse nearby, sit in lil covered wagons and dim the lights as far as you want, intimate, that we go to every anniversary.

    That is the only time I can have steak the way I want, when the lights are so dim that he can't see the blood coming out.

    But I dont like Eva's idea of women only.......I haven't paid for a meal since I met hubby and he is my bestie, the only person I want to go out with......

    I would like the idea of a childless steakhouse with dim lights and sexy cirque dancers/servers, in Vegas, of course!

    She just needs to tweek the idea a lil bit.

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    Feminine take? Maybe that's gonna be one of these French-type restaurants where they dirty a plate a little and give that as a meal. Great for portion control tho' !
    Seriously, what's a steak portion in the US? I'm sure it's way bigger than a tiny woman like Eva can handle.
    By the look of it even McD portions are twice the size over the big water...

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    Well cnynrnr let me hand you my card for my new agency...
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