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Thread: Emma Watson on differences between U.S. and British guys & dislike of flip-flops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    She was on Ellen DeGeneres' show and Ellen asked her specifically about the differences between British men and men she's met since going to college in the U.S.
    Oh, ok.
    "Fashion is an art, but individuality is the key"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    Love clarks!
    But, have also discovered Office shoes, bought some sandals that lace up the front without looking like something an 80-y-o might wear...
    A bit like these? But without the dodgy stars, have a taupe suede flat pair & a black leather wedge heel pair
    Office COMET NAT MULTI PU Shoes - Womens Sandals Shoes - Office Shoes

    Also bought some beautiful leather flipflops from them with little coins on them the jingle when I walk I am SO five years old!!!
    Hehe, I'll admit that leather flip flops aren't that bad. I almost forget they are flip flops sometimes. And those sandals are adorable! And only 15 pounds? The hell? Would order some but I can't order shoes, need to try them on first.

    The Noah movie looks stupid though I would like to trust Arronofsky not to produce something that sucks. I like Emma, she seems refreshingly normal and well-grounded. Is Perks of Being a Wallflower out yet? I certainly can't find it playing anywhere here.

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