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Thread: Edward Norton is a *******

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    Methinks someone needs to take some of their own advice about reading posts as Lola didn't say Red Dragon trumps Manhunter. She said she considered them on par.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhateverLolaWants View Post
    The content was commented my comicbook guy reference. You came in to this thread and criticized opinions...making fun of the opinions of others in a way which was malicious and self serving rather than playful. Your play at being an elitest has no ground to stand on.

    *I* love it when a troll has to fall back on how 'laughable' everyone else is when someone calls them on being just that: a troll.

    Go guard a bridge.
    Wow, i have really upset you havent i? Honestly im quite shocked and bemused by all this. The only thing i regret is you not seeing my playfulness and tongue in cheeks comments. I put in similies because i had a hunch you guys wouldnt recognise or chose to acknowledge the humour.

    Saying i have been 'malicious' is way over the top and is offensive. What is the relevance of a comicbook guy in this discussion? Please explain. And calling me names (troll) is low and is telling of your personality. And you call ME out for being 'malicious' and 'elitist'. Can you not see what is happening here? Your the one that started the irrelevant personal attacks (punctuation). Your the one that has decided to turn this discussion into being about us. And why? Because i dare to disagree with you? I have kept my criticism to ed and his films. I said i accept your opinion but i dont have to agree with it and stated why i dont. You just cant handle it. Its amazing how holding a different viewpoint can scare and intimidate others even when it is over trivial matters. Hmmmm.....

    P.S WhateverLolaWants, you spelt 'elitist' wrong. See how awful it is when we are all the same. Trying to one up each other over silly things. Crikey i felt low going down to that level.

    Ahhh look at you guys, slapping five, how cool. God, its like being in high school.

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