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Thread: The Duchess of Alba Dead: The World's Most Titled Aristocrat Dies At Age 88

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    Lol no one ever said she was a champion of the proletariat, and I seriously doubt anyone was under that impression. What a pointless and silly article. She was an eccentric rich royal who was at least far more colorful and amusing than her peers.
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    she was so lucky to be born rich and royal..imagine her just a working girl...
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    Instead of the land-occupying peasants, she should have sued whoever did her horrendous plastic surgery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Str8_uncut-jock View Post
    This is exactly the kind of crazy rich life people should lead...she didn't give two f's about it. She loved wildly, she spent money like she had an endless supply (and she basically did) and she danced like a fool...a rich fool! I love me some of her!
    I said this in the Royalty thread - totally unsurprised but a little sad. She was proper aristocratic batshit crazy in her older days. Loved it. Loved that she dressed like she still had her 20s figure, loved that she danced through her umpteenth wedding reception.... her plastic fantastic face scared me a bit but she was hilariously awesome.
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