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Thread: Dog the Bounty Hunter to return to tv

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    Gee, never saw this one coming. Like another poster said, it really is all about the money for TV networks. Nevermind integrity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by latinaforever View Post
    misguided fools
    but that "N" word gets tossed around quite easily.
    people have short term memory when it comes to history.
    they think that because it happened years ago it is no longer relevant
    and its meaning does not have the sting it used to have.
    Oh, I agree 100% that the N-word gets tossed around too easily, especially by black people. And even moreso by hip/hop stars. I think a lot of the rappers forget that the majority of their music is bought by suburban white kids, so when they hear the rappers using the N-word repeatedly in their songs they think it's okay to use, too. And like you said, people forget the historical impact of the word.

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