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Thread: DMX arrested

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    No harm no foul. He shouldn't get anything more than maybe community service or probation.

    DMX iz da MAN


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    Animals keep showing up dead on his property. He has puppies right after getting tagged for animal abuse?

    It amazed me how many asshats stood up for Michael Vick. It was a joke. Statements were made that it's a rampant problem in professional sports, yet no wide scale investigations were held. It was swept under the carpet. The dog story was just a way to get even with a thug that wouldn't behave, I don't think the judical process cared about the animals (the public cared) You had Emmet Smith, Deione Sanders, Whoopie Goldberg and others saying it was no big deal and poor Vick was targeted because he was a celebrity.

    Now you've got DMX who is another thug that won't behave (drugs and guns) but how do you get the public interested, throw in the animal abuse. You can shoot someone, rob them of all their possessions but DO NOT mess with Fluffy, people get pissy.

    People do not deserve any animal if they can't/won't take care of them. He deserved time for the weapons, drugs and throw away the key for the animal abuse.

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