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Thread: Did Jessica Simpson remarry?

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    Jan 2006


    No.....we were gonna keep it secret, but old Mum-in-law gave it away........Mrs. Jessica Cynic.......

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    Dumpsville on the horizon. Last time she confirmed romance rumors (dude from that band) he dumped her in 5.2 seconds.
    "In the face of the blinding sun, I wake only to find
    that Heaven is a stranger place than than one I've left behind." - SM

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    I saw this on TMZ and the mom was joking.
    Gawd it's been so nice not hearing about
    this dumb twit for a while.

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    in the twilight zone.


    I say who cares to, he is fugly and so is she.
    "Shit, I think I just confused myself. QUICK! Somebody hand me chalk, a chalkboard and Will Hunting's brain!" michael k -dlisted

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