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Thread: "Designing Women" Actor, Meshach Taylor Has Died

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    I appreciated the Anthony-Bernice pairing more than the Suzanne one. This was one of my favorite episodes ever. I remember my mom and me wetting our pants when Bernice started singing in the microphone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
    "unfortunate incarceration" always made me laugh too, Anthony and Suzanne were a match made in...somewhere. Haven't seen the show in ages so I'm not sure how it holds up, but I did love it back in the day. And I totally forgot about Mannequin until I read this thread. RIP if that's not too premature. I'll remember him as a funny funny guy with great comedic timing.
    RIP, Meshach! Man, I loved me some Anthony and Suzanne... The one where they had to share a hotel room and Anthony had to borrow her pantyhose to stay warm always got me.
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    RIP. You were one of a kind!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sluce View Post
    Loved him in Designing Women when he would refer to his unfortunate incarceration.
    LOL! I was just about to mention that. Or whenever Bernice would see him, she'd start singing "Black man....."

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    I never knew there were Anthony/Suzanne shippers until Mr. Taylor's unfortunate passing. They're the OTP for at least two YouTubers:

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    I loved Anthony and Suzanne too but not on a shipper level. My favorites: When they did the duet when Suzanne was in blackface, when Suzanne shot him, when he had to pretend to be Suzanne's maid, when Suzanne takes care of him and basically holds him hostage, when he tried to scare Suzanne in Charlene's "haunted" house. I liked Bernice's Black Man song too. I just loved the show.

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