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Thread: Dennis Quaid, 65, confirms engagement to Laura Savoie, 26

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
    I don't know if he was a big drinker, but he was a big cokehead in the day and supposedly went to rehab. His drug use caused a rift between Meg Ryan and her mother and I don't think they've ever spoken again. After Meg cut her off and didn't invite her to their wedding, her stepfather wrote a really nasty magazine article about what a horrible daughter she was and didn't even visit her mom in the hospital when she had breast cancer, and talking about Quaid's weird drug behavior at a family gathering. It was in some obscure magazine and I remember reading it in a doctor's office and thinking WOW. Scorched earth.

    Anyway, I thought about that story when I saw this pic upthread of them. Meg looks pretty coked up herself, check out those pupils.
    ^ That's an interesting story. It was and is the Hollywood way.
    I have some famous friends and I have mostly not famous friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angeli View Post
    That is an ugly hairpiece. He should have just let his hair retreat.
    i thought they were implants. I know 2 guys who have done implants and both spot this tint of dark red colour .

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrickHouse View Post
    He looks like he smells of sweat and stale smoke and Sen-Sen.
    What is Sen-Sen?
    "Fashion is an art, but individuality is the key"

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    Jesus Christ. What some won't do for the almighty dollar. Having to fuck a pee-paw is the bottom of the barrel. Gross.
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    Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

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    Sen-Sen is a type of breath freshener originally marketed as a "breath perfume"

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    ..."and cover up their breath with Sen-Sen one fine night..." (The Music Man)

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    He was incredibly hot in The Big Easy. He and Ellen Barkin were fire together. He’s one of the very few blondes I’ve found attractive when he was younger.
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