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Thread: Denise Richards' reality shows - a.k.a., Denise has a gross gut

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raspberry gashes View Post
    ^Yeah, don't they all rush to get that after having babies?

    Another of the many reasons why I'll never have kids. I'm not going to ruin my figure for something that will grow up eventually and call me an asshole. My cousin always says to my aunty 'You ruined my life!' and she says 'You ruined my figure, call it even'.
    That is brilliant!

    I prefer how she looks when she's dark(er), I like some of the clothes she wears, her daughters look adorable but she's as cookoo as a cookoo thing (imo). And I've added some photos to her Hot Women thread for you! xx
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    I don't think it's that bad. Maybe the light is in a very bad angle or something like that. Actually I can't stand her, but I think her body's just fine.

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    hasnt she popped out a few kids? id say she looks pretty good
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