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Thread: Denise Richards did reality show for the cash

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    I watched the View episode. She looked super hot for sure. But Whoopi totally called her on her hypocyacy. She wants to protect the kids yet she puts them in a realuty show. Oooh it was awkward.

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    she was just on extra as well, crying and saying she didn't want to talk about Charlie....then talking about him.

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    It's not the cash, it's the attention and sticking it to Charlie, which she's obviously not beyond using her kids to do.

    But it's about time Denise gave up all pretense and embraced her inner skank whore with no shame in her game.

    Apparently all it took was age and not being able to reel in (and keep) someone else more famous than her. It's certainly not going to be her acting gigs.
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