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Thread: Demi Lovato engaged to some dude she'll divorce before you remember his name

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    Damn, forget the crappy manicure, those are some deal-breaker fingers right there.
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    Giving her a pass on the nails because at 54 I have yet to do a decent polish job on my own nails. I've given up. However... if I were taking a photo of that rock and posting for all to see, I'd make sure they were done professionally... but, Covid... so I'm going to give her a big ol' pass this time. I'm sure they look fine from farther away.

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    She's obviously a very fragile person and sobriety must be a daily, I really hope this relationship works out for her. Wonder if this guy has his own sobriety worries. Wish her well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palta View Post
    ^well, maybe the proposal took her by surprise lol

    i don't care about her hands, nails, manicure. or her, at all but doesn't she had addiction problems and a recent hospitalization?
    the pics at the link look so fake, i think if this ends up in divorce, it will be a win for her.
    Hopefully he'll be good to her but it does seem fast to me - but I'm happily single so what do I know?
    Max and Demi have been dating since early March—and things are getting serious.

    According to E! News, though Ehrich and Lovato's relationship is still fairly new, the two couldn't be more perfect of a pair.

    "Max is very into music and health, and he doesn't like to party. He is a good influence on Demi, and they have a lot in common," a source told the outlet. "It's very new but they are definitely hanging out and seeing where it leads."

    Another source, per Us Weekly, declared how well the new relationship was going—so well that fans shouldn't be surprised if a walk down the aisle happens in the future for the couple.

    "Max plans to propose to Demi after this whole pandemic is resolved and their families wouldn't be surprised by the proposal. They think they make a great couple," said a source.
    A source says Max might propose to Demi after quarantine ends.

    According to Us Weekly, both Ehrich and Lovato have been discussing the prospect of marriage in recent weeks.

    "They've been talking about getting engaged," a source said. "Her family really likes him. He'll likely propose within the next couple of months, but when quarantine is over." The source continued, saying that Ehrich has reportedly picked out a "very sizable" engagement ring for the "I Love Me" singer.
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