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Thread: Dean McDermott, aka Mr. Tori Spelling, enters rehab

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    McDermott allegedly cheated on Spelling, 40, with a woman named Emily Goodhand
    The jokes write themselves.
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    yea, i feel the same way about this as i do about britney/kfed. everyone is all "Kfed is such a disgusting loser who ruined Britney's life! poor Brit!" and i'm like... umm yes he is a gross and horrible human being, i'm pretty sure she could have figured that out when he left his 8 month pregnant girlfriend and their 4 year old daughter to get high and f*ck in Europe with Britney for three months. she's the idiot who married him and had kids with him. he wasn't even TRYING to act like he loved her. anyone with EYES could tell he was playing her, like Katt Williams joked he followed the pimp manual line by mothaf*cking line.

    Tori needs to accept that type of man Dean is or get out. You got with a man because he was a cheater, so don't decide midway through you relationship you suddenly want him to not be who he is anymore. You're not the "special" one who is going to change him. no one is. men like that are always going to be like that, it's how they operate and they don't see anything wrong with it. leave them alone if you don't like it, or deal with it and be happy with your life (like gabrielle union with dwayne wade).
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    I feel as sorry for Tori as she did for his ex-wife.

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    You know what they say: Whatever (karma) you put out in the world comes back to you x3.....

    In Tori's case, it came back to her x5 (women)...(and counting...?)

    I take my previous posts back. Tori is not smart enough to plan all this, though she will sure milk the sh*t out of this situation to the media, there's no doubt Dean is a huge douchebag.

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    I just saw this on Post Secret...

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    So did the nanny write that, or did Dean?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Icepik View Post
    I just saw this on Post Secret...

    I just came here to ask if anyone had seen this. She did the deed with Dean maybe.

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    Well she's not keeping it secret by putting Tori's name and photo on her post.
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    Her new book will be called AdulTORI....
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    At least the post card sender used a halfway decent pic. She must really feel guilty.

    My first thought wasn't even that this might be someone who fucked Dean. But someone who leaked proof of his cheating.

    Wish someone who worked with Leann Rimes would spill.
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    a sexless marriage? hasn't she been pregnant 99% of the last two years? jeez! some (most?) men are such pigs!
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    Tori is one of those celebs that I like and don't know why...I feel kind of bad for her, but not really. She should have seen this coming a mile away, but she thought she could change him.
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    'You never know unless you try': Tori Spelling's mother Candy urges her to worth through issues with 'love-cheat' husband

    PUBLISHED: 06:26, 19 February 2014 | UPDATED: 08:41, 19 February 2014

    She's hardly his biggest fan, but Candy Spelling - widow of TV mogul Aaron - is urging her daughter Tori to give her estranged husband another chance.

    Dean McDermott, 47, is receiving treatment at a Los Angeles rehab after he allegedly admitted to cheating on Tori, 40, with at least five other women.

    'Candy certainly is not a big fan of Dean at the moment, because of the hell he has put her daughter through,' a source told Radar Online.


    Unexpected supporter: Candy Spelling, seen here in 2011, is reportedly urging her daughter Tori to give her estranged husband Dean McDermott another chance

    'But she does recognize that he is a great father and he does love Tori. Tori finally confided with her mom, about her ultimate fear that Dean could cheat on her again in the future. It was a very open and honest conversation.

    'At the end of it, Candy told her daughter, ‘'You will never know unless you try’'.

    'Since Dean did decided to get help, Candy thought that he at least deserved a another chance.'
    Spelling told her mom she was “absolutely blindsided” by her husband’s actions.


    Putting on a brave face: The 40-year-old has not hidden herself away and was out and about in Thousand Oaks, California, on Monday

    And Tori seems to be considering trying to mend her broken marriage, according to new reports.

    'It seems like she'll be able to forgive him but I don't think she will ever forget,' a source told People on Thursday.
    The 40-year-old actress was spotted apparently visiting her husband of seven years at his rehabilitation facility earlier this week.

    'They're communicating,' the source added. 'That's a step.'
    Tori emerged from the centre looking tired and worn, with the source telling People: 'She is having a tough time. It's been awful.'
    Dean, 47, who voluntarily checked himself into the treatment centre to 'address some health and personal issues,' was seen standing outside the building as Tori got into her car.

    People also reports that the actor has also been spending time with the couple's four children Liam, six, Stella, five, Hattie, two and 18-month-old Finn.
    Dean is said to have privately admitted to his heartbroken wife that he's cheated on her multiple times.

    The father-of-five said most of the women were 'hook-ups whilst he was travelling,' according to Radar Online.

    'He was forced to finally admit the truth to Tori,' an insider told the website.
    'Making matters worse, Dean admitted to not always using protection during the encounters. It’s the ultimate betrayal for Tori and she probably won’t be able to ever forgive him for that. It’s one thing to cheat, but another to have unprotected sex,' said the insider.

    A Toronto woman, Emily Goodhand, 28, alleges that she had sex with the married reality star at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto last December.

    And late last month, Dean finally spoke out in a statement to People: 'I am truly sorry for the mistakes I have made and for the pain I've caused my family,' he told the magazine.
    'I take full responsibility for my actions and have voluntarily checked myself into a treatment center to address some health and personal issues.

    'I am grateful to be getting the help I need so I can become the husband and father my family deserves,' he added.


    Keeping it together: The couple have four children together - Liam, Hattie, Stella and Finn McDermott, pictured in Los Angeles in December

    Read more: Tori Spelling's mother Candy urges her to work through issues with 'love-cheat' husband | Mail Online

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    Finn looks cute. Was there a mixup at the hospital??
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    Aww I think all their kids are kind of cute.
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