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Thread: Dean McDermott, aka Mr. Tori Spelling, enters rehab

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    “She’s in so much pain. Now, she’s terrified that the loving marriage she thought she shared with Dean was built on lies and deception. She doesn’t know where to turn.”

    oh, i do so love irony.....
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    Let's hope she had the common sense to sign a pre-nup. Maybe that's why her mom hasn't given her any $, because she knows her loser husband will squander it.
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    ^ You're probably right that it's a factor, but Tori seems very capable of squandering it on her own. There is no way these two should be broke, but they seem to want to live like the senior Spellings did, even though they don't have the senior Spelling money. I don't blame Candy at all for holding those purse strings tight.
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    was i the only one shocked by the cheating with women AND men accusations?
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    ^^^ no you were not. wonder if that is true ....

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    Now, she’s terrified that the loving marriage she thought she shared with Dean was built on lies and deception.
    You both left your respective spouses for each other. So, technically, yes, from the beginning it was built on lies and deception.
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    So, I see he has a type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post

    You both left your respective spouses for each other. So, technically, yes, from the beginning it was built on lies and deception.
    I'll add: And after fucking around behind the backs of their respective spouses. And didn't Tori get her shrink to break it to her (then) hubby?

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    Well he's a typical selfish, lying asshole--who'da thunk, huh, Tori?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    Well he's a typical selfish, lying asshole--who'da thunk, huh, Tori?
    Mary Jo for sure.
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    I do not believe that Tori didn't know. I think she always knew he was screwing around on her but now that its public she's leaking these poor me stories. They are both disgusting. He's a cheating scumbag and she's getting revenge by saying he's a thief and into guys too.

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    Guess Emily has a goodhand
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    I bet they reconcile for the sake of their show, I mean the children, and then it happens again. Rinse and repeat.

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    Dean McDermott

    Accused of Royally Screwing Cooking Staff

    1/23/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


    Tori Spelling is not the only one who got the shaft from Dean McDermott ... we're told he has stiffed the people who created his new cookbook, even though he got tons of money for the project.

    Dean currently hosts a show in Canada -- the Canadian version of the U.S. show "Chopped" and it's doing well in no small part because of his domestic issues. So Harlequin publishing company decided to make a cookbook deal with him.

    So Dean authored a book called "The Gourmet Dad" -- a personal account of a guy's guy who cooks for his family.

    Sources connected with the cookbook tell TMZ ... Dean received an advance of more than $250,000 from Harlequin, but part of that money was for Dean to cover all expenses. When it came to paying the people who worked on the book, however, it was a very different story.

    We're told Dean stiffed the following people:

    -- Photographer ... $33,319.80
    -- Food Stylist ... $14,648.74
    -- Prop stylist ... $6,609.91
    -- Canadian taxes ... $6,613.40

    The people Dean stiffed say they've called him repeatedly and sent him emails and texts but he's blown them off.

    Staffers -- many of whom work on "Chopped" -- are indignant, because they let Dean live in their homes for free during the book and show projects and fed him gratis.

    Now they call him "The biggest mooch in Toronto."

    The next move, we're told is a lawsuit. And they have an ace in the hole ... the photog wants an injunction, preventing Dean from using his pics until he's paid.

    Read more: Dean McDermott Accused Of Royally Screwing Cooking Staff |

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