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Thread: David Letterman: Jay Leno Is "the Most Insecure Person I Have Ever Known"

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    Quote Originally Posted by HWBL View Post
    It's a public secret that Johnny Carson was a major a-hole in his own right, so much so, that people were scared shitless of him and only dared open up about it after he died.
    I'm sure that's true because look what happened with Joan rivers. However I think there is some kind of unwritten code of conduct that you don't screw over your fellow comics. Jay seems to do that repeatedly. He had no loyalty to anyone. Joan was blacklisted by Johnny because ( as far As he was concerned) she wasn't loyal to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
    If getting fired (or what I consider at his age retiring) after hosting your own show since 1992 and career earnings of over 286 million is karma, I'll take some of that karma! I get your point; I just detest Jay's whining. Why can't people ever be grateful for all the opportunities they've been given? Throwing a hissy fit because someone's telling you it's about time to turn over the reins is not bowing out gracefully, which he's had several chances to do.
    Yeah, karma was some decades late with this one, but I'll take it. LOL!

    I agree, can't stand his whining, but it's Jay, I don't expect any better. The guy is an ass.

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