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Thread: David Justice Tells Halle Berry: 'If It Was Me Who Hit You, Then Say It'

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    Halle strikes me as a person without a sincere bone in her body. Completely empathy-free. Poor kids. To her they're just chew-toys to fight with her exes over.
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    You might be right, but I see her more as dangerously bi-polar or some other mental illness combo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderpig View Post
    Halle strikes me as a person without a sincere bone in her body. Completely empathy-free. Poor kids. To her they're just chew-toys to fight with her exes over.

    This right here. Bolded for emphasis.
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    I've always heard it was Wesley Snipes who did it.
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    Me too. I know Christopher Williams has said it was Snipes in multiple interviews years ago too.

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    so where's Wesley's denial? I could see him doing it...although they're both probably real pieces of work in relationships....
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    He's a douche and I honestly don't think this has anything to do with people labeling him an abuser (and I seem to recall his baby mama accusing him of domestic violence in the early 2000's -- anyone else remember that?). When he and Halle were divorcing he requested that she be forced to publicly talk about the details of all her past relationships (name and shame the men who abused her, cheated on her, why the relationships ended etc ...) and this was before anyone was accusing him of beating her.

    This seems to me more like an attempt to publicly humiliate her than clear his name. Hopefully I'm wrong.

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    I always heard it was Wesley who hit her so hard it made her deaf in one ear.

    I noticed you didn't hear much about this dude and Halle after a short time. I think if he really was guilty she never would have shut up about it. I notice every relationship she has been in since has included increasing levels of fucked up crazy. Seems like she's the common denominator here. Of course I think anyone suspect who would get involved with her at this point. But DJ was with her when she was much younger and her nuttiness wasn't as common knowledge (and she had the excuse of being younger) as it is today.
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    I hate to hear that (haha, hear?) because
    I loved Wesley back in the day.
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