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Thread: David Foster and Katharine McPhee are engaged

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lalasnake View Post
    To be fair, she dumped a ton of money into quack "doctors" trying to cure chronic lyme, when she never had lyme in the first place. She's been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Her chronic fatigue, the ruptured breast implant, and the insecurity of her marriage took a huge toll on her body, which then took a huge toll on David Foster's wallet and patience. That having been said, they're all assholes.
    Yep. I watched the show when she was on and all of her quackery. She is nuts, and I don't blame him for finally bailing.But he is a boor. I could understand if she fell in love with someone much older like Jeff Goldblum. But insufferable David Foster? Ugh. But she has daddy issues and wants older men. The only problem is this one is much older. And he's always been with women with big, fake boobs. What is sad is that at 35, she has now gotten herself a set of big, fake ones, and I think it's all to do with pleasing him. She seemed perfectly happy with her body before that.

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    ^ Didn't Yolanda think that contributed to making her ill? I can't understand why you would mutilate yourself for a man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teforde23 View Post
    She is Hollywood gold digging goals. You can't tell me this girl did not sleep her way to the top. Then I was looking at a recent pic that showed David playing the piano at her first wedding, she was probably eyeing him up back then. I've never seen someone do so much with so very little.

    Katharine McPhee was very pretty during her American Idol days and she has a lovely voice. She was the singer that Simon Cowell was pushing to win that season. But she was insecure and clearly lacked confidence in herself. Her mother is a vocal coach in L.A., so perhaps she was really being pushed by her mother. Once she had some success, her real personality apparently came and it hasn't been pretty. I can't imagine what she sees in David Foster, but perhaps he provides support and encouragement.

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    I have some famous friends and I have mostly not famous friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mostroop View Post
    When you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it's symptoms are similar to many other auto immune diseases.
    I remember fearing that I had Lupus before finally being diagnosed with CFS. I do everything within my power to not have a relapse. When you're going through it, you have constantly low grade fevers, have muscle weakness (to the point of my legs actually giving out on me while walking), to being unable to move my legs at all after being out in the sun. The constant pain, coupled with doctors who don't understand the disease, is a disaster.
    That sucks, Mostroop. I'm sorry that you have to deal with that, plus the stigma associated with invisible illnesses like CFS. It reminds me of the Spoon Theory, which is probably true for most autoimmune diseases.

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    David Foster seemed like an asshole on The Princes of Malibu, when he was married to Linda Thompson and step-dad to Brody and the other Jenner brother. Now that's hard to do. To appear to be the asshole douchebag on a show with a Jenner.

    She just seems like a gold digging twat. She's gonna do whatever she needs to do to be famous or married to someone famous. Or be rich and have her name in news. Sadly, she's really not known for her talents (as a singer, that is) but known for cheating with a married man and having it all caught on camera and her stellar gold digging skills.
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