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Thread: David Beckham possibly had tryst with famous actress?

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    I reckon the ex-journo might be Piers Morgan. Now to think who the actress could be....I'd piss myself if it was Eva Longoria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    Remember the "Gay Actor to be Outed Next Week"??? Well....

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    Quote Originally Posted by penname View Post
    Well call me an agent provocateur, but for all we know he's looking at that arse and thinking, 'For goodness' sake, woman, leave off the burgers and fries for a while...'
    She looks healthy and in great shape, but those shorts are horrible.
    "You should've never trusted Hollywood..."

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    The shorts look fine to me. They're part of a uniform, not something worn on the street. I imagine they look the same on all the girls.

    Wonder if Becks got her phone number.

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