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Thread: David Beckham Named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2015

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    Beckham? Worse choice than Adam Levine. And that was really weird. Decent actors are declining to receive the title for example Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal. Beckham is so overly photoshopped in his awful H&M campaigns. Also look at the Cover headline: "He's a romantic husband (with that sour puss? hard to believe...), a devoted Dad (yeah he's been pushing his kids in front of the paps constantly) - and he vacuums!" People mag is pretty uncool these days.
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    No, no, NOOO. Of course he's not the boy's father. Look at the turn ups on his jeans!

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    Oh hell YES I would. Up and down and all around
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    Wasn't fussed about Becks, but developed a soft spot for him after watching this vid.. and also the fact that he worships his kids.

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    That last little boy crying was so sweet. Victoria looks like such a bitch in photos but seems completely opposite in interviews. She is good with kids and has a sense of humor.

    David Beckham has ALWAYS done it for me.

    BUT....Tom Hiddleston is damn sexy!

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    I follow him on IG. He really comes cross as a sincere and decent man. He's done quite a bit of charitable works over the years, much of it without a lot of fanfare. He recently completed playing soccer on all 7 continents as part of his UNICEF work.

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    does nothing for me. Body of a 10 yr old boy & a voice of a little girl. His voice isn't high enough to do voice over work for minnie mouse.
    What bootspaige said I think it was lainey that said something about PEOPLE always have a #1 & #2 in case #1 doesn't work out like Ryan Gosling who didn't want to do it.
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    Sorry, but a man who shaves his balls can never be sexy
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    The voice ruins it for me, even though he is physically attractive.

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