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Thread: Danny Masterson Accused of Sexual Assault and Scientology of Cover-up

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    I guess Lily Yeatman is really pissed now. Happy holidays, bitch!

    Netflix Fires Exec Who Told Danny Masterson Accuser "We Don't Believe" Rape Claims

    5:40 PM PST 12/12/2017 by Natalie Jarvey

    Andy Yeatman, director of global kids content at Netflix, was at a children’s soccer game when one of Masterson’s accusers confronted him about the streamer’s involvement with the star of 'The Ranch.'

    Netflix has fired the executive who told one of Danny Masterson's alleged sexual assault victims that he did not believe the claims against the former Ranch star, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

    Andy Yeatman, director of global kids content at Netflix, was let go from Netflix on Monday over his early December comments, made on the sidelines of a children's soccer game. The Netflix exec is said to have not known that he was speaking to one of the accusers.

    "Mr. Yeatman is no longer employed at Netflix," a Netflix spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday in a statement.

    Yeatman responded on Wednesday morning with a statement that reads in part, "I am proud of Netflix's values and I condemn sexual violence in the strongest possible terms. I have always believed the victims' voices should be heard and that every victim should get the justice they deserve. My heart goes out to anyone who has been sexually assaulted or harmed in any way."
    On Dec. 4, HuffPost published the account of an anonymous Masterson accuser — referred to as "Victim B" — who says that she met Yeatman at a soccer game in Los Angeles. When Victim B discovered that Yeatman worked for Netflix, she confronted him and asked why the streamer had not taken action against Masterson. According to HuffPost's retelling of the exchange, based on accounts from Victim B and other witnesses, Yeatman said that Netflix takes misconduct allegations seriously but "we don't believe" Masterson's accusers.

    At the time, Netflix confirmed that Yeatman had made the comments, saying that "Mr. Yeatman's comments were careless, uninformed and do not represent the views of the company. Further, he would have no insights into decision-making on The Ranch. We are aware of the allegations against Danny Masterson and we are following the current investigation, and will respond if developments occur."

    The day after the HuffPost piece was published, Netflix announced that it had fired Masterson from The Ranch. "As a result of ongoing discussions, Netflix and the producers have written Danny Masterson out of The Ranch. [Monday] was his last day on the show, and production will resume in early 2018 without him," the company said in a Dec. 5 statement. Masterson will appear in the second half of season two, which debuts Friday, and could also appear in parts of season three.

    Before Netflix cut ties with Masterson, the streaming giant drew criticism for continuing its relationship with the actor, who also served as co-executive producer of The Ranch. A Los Angeles Police Department investigation into allegations of sexual assault by multiple women in the early 2000s against Masterson became public in March. In July, several months after the LAPD investigation first came to light, Netflix renewed the scripted comedy, one of its most-watched series during the first 24 hours after release, for a third 20-episode season.

    One of Masterson's accusers, Chrissie Carnell Bixler, spoke out against the streamer in November after it took quick action to suspend production of House of Cards following sexual assault allegations against star Kevin Spacey. "I will NOT shut my mouth when Netflix tries to make us feel like we don't matter," she told The Daily Beast. "We DO matter. We ARE important. We will see justice for what was done to us, and is continuing to be done to us ... and for all those who knew/know and are either actively helping this serial rapist or are choosing to stay silent ... YOU don't matter."
    An online petition demanding that Netflix fire the star followed, garnering more than 38,000 signatures.

    Masterson has denied the allegations. "I am obviously very disappointed in Netflix's decision to write my character off of The Ranch," he said in a statement responding to his firing. "From day one, I have denied the outrageous allegations against me. Law enforcement investigated these claims more than 15 years ago and determined them to be without merit. I have never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one."

    Yeatman's full statement reads, "While I was coaching one of my daughter's soccer games, I was approached by a stranger who asked if I worked at Netflix. She went on to question why we were not canceling a show in which one of the actors was accused of sexual assault. To try and end the conversation and refocus on the soccer game I made a careless and uninformed comment. I did not know that the woman was one of the victims and I deeply regret that I did not have the opportunity to focus on the conversation.

    "I am proud of Netflix's values and I condemn sexual violence in the strongest possible terms. I have always believed that victims' voices should be heard and that every victim should get the justice they deserve. My heart goes out to anyone who has been sexually assaulted or harmed in any way.

    "I am truly grateful to all the friends, colleagues and members of my community who know me and my family and have reached out to support us during this difficult time. For those who don't know me and only read the headlines, think about yourself in this situation and how a 30-second conversation on a Sunday morning could change the course of your life."

    Dec. 13, 11:46 a.m. Updated to include Yeatman's statement.

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    Let me boil it down for you, Mrs. Yeatman - you just can't fix stupid.
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    Another ex-girlfriend has made allegations against him. Full article at the link but it's mostly a rehash of previous allegations and $ci denials and smearing.

    Danny Masterson's ex-girlfriend accuses him of raping her | Daily Mail Online
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    Default Danny’s going down


    The Underground Bunker has learned that the Special Circumstances Committee in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has approved charging Scientology actor Danny Masterson with multiple violent rapes under a sex crimes penal code that carries with it a life sentence in prison.
    Also known as California’s “one-strike law,” state penal code 667.61 has been described as “among the state’s stiffest criminal sentencing provisions,” not only because it carries penalties of 15-to-Life and 25-to-Life for sex crimes, but also because the 1994 code, amended under “Jessica’s Law” in 2006, has no statute of limitations.
    After approval by the DA’s powerful internal committee made up of managers in the DA’s office, the case now waits for approval from the District Attorney herself, Jackie Lacey.
    Four women have come forward to allege that Masterson raped them between 2001 and 2004. One of the four women, whom we’re referring to as “Victim B,” reported her allegations to the LAPD in 2004 in a case that was subsequently closed under intense pressure by the Church of Scientology. Three of the women, including Victim B, then came forward to the LAPD in the fall of 2016, and we broke the news of the police investigation last March. (All three of those women had been Scientologists at the time of their attacks.) A fourth victim later also came forward who was never a Scientologist. In April, the LAPD handed the case over for prosecution to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.
    Last fall, the Huffington Post reported that despite “overwhelming evidence” the case was taking so long because it had been put on a “slow roll” in the DA’s office. But now we’ve learned that part of the reason for the delay is that prosecutors are seeking such a severe penalty, which required review by the Special Circumstances Committee.
    A defendant can be charged under penal code 667.61 if a rape is committed with special circumstances, including inflicting “aggravated mayhem or torture,” and for committing multiple rapes.
    In previous stories, we’ve pointed out that Victim B told police that she had apparently been drugged at an April 2003 party at Masterson’s house, and when she came to she was being raped by Masterson. When she tried to struggle free, he allegedly choked her into unconsciousness. Victim C, meanwhile, told us that she was violently raped by Masterson even after telling him multiple times that she didn’t want to have sex with him. Like the other victims, Victim C believed that she had been drugged. “He flipped me over and just started pounding me. I was trying not to vomit. I said no like 50 times,” Victim C told us. “I was saying no a lot, but it didn’t matter to him. I kept trying not to puke on his bed while he was doing it. It was pretty brutal.” According to Victim A’s police report, “Vict went to bed and when she woke up and was bleeding from her anus. Vict confronted the suspect, he laug[h]ed at her and told her he had sex with her in her anus.”
    Masterson has denied the allegations and has hired defense attorney Tom Mesereau. In December he was dropped by Netflix from The Ranch, a series that features his That ’70s Show costar Ashton Kutcher. He was also dropped by his management company, United Talent Agency.
    When we broke the news about the LAPD investigation in March, Masterson’s representatives claimed that his accusers had been put up to their allegations by actress Leah Remini: “We are aware of [Victim A’s] 16-year-old allegations. It was only after [Victim A] was in contact with Leah Remini that she made allegations of sexual assault by Mr. Masterson…Based on reading the anti-Scientology blog that posted this story, these false allegations appear to be motivated to boost Leah Remini’s anti-Scientology television series since [Victim A] only came forward after connecting with Leah Remini.”
    That isn’t true. In the fall of 2016, Victim A actually made her first report to her local police department, which then referred her case to the LAPD. (She was not living in California then, but she recently moved back to Los Angeles.) Only after she made that report to the police did she reach out to Remini, whose first season of A&E’s Scientology and the Aftermath was about to begin.
    Remini not only didn’t put the victims up to reporting their allegations, when the DA’s office told her that an episode of Aftermath featuring interviews with the first three accusers might compromise the investigation, she convinced A&E not to air it.
    If Remini gets a third season for Aftermath — and we still haven’t heard any definitive word about that — she may have another chance to air that episode with Masterson’s accusers, who are all now no longer members of the Church of Scientology.
    Scientology’s involvement in these cases is integral to understanding them, even if some media outlets have all but erased the church from their stories.
    Last year, for example, we reported that Victim B was “handled” by the Church of Scientology after her April 2003 rape by forcing her to go through months of counseling — known as auditing — at the Advanced Org of Los Angeles (AOLA) to search for acts of wrongdoing in her “past lives” that would explain why she had been victimized in her current life. Victim B spent tens of thousands of dollars on that counseling.
    But then, on December 26, 2003, Victim B was given something called a “non-enturbulation order,” informing her that she was on the verge of being declared a “suppressive person,” Scientology’s version of excommunication. She was then ordered to report to the Hollywood Celebrity Centre for an interrogation known as a “security check.”
    Such interrogations occur while the subject is holding on to the sensors of an “E-meter,” a simple device that reacts to tiny fluctuations in electrical current in the skin. Scientologists are conditioned to believe that the device can infallibly read their minds and can tell when they are holding back information (known as “withholds”), and so E-meters are very effective interrogation tools — Scientologists believe they cannot hide anything under such questioning.
    Victim B was interrogated at the same time that Danny Masterson was also separately being questioned — both of them by the same “auditor,” a woman named Angie LaClaire.
    What followed those interrogations was a bizarre scene set up by the church, when it insisted on putting Masterson and his accuser in the same room with three church members as observers. Masterson was told to listen carefully to her version of events because, he was told, he wasn’t properly “confronting” what he was accused of.
    In other words, the Church of Scientology credited Victim B’s account enough to back her up as she confronted Masterson with what she remembered of that night, even if the church did not have LaClaire report her findings to the LAPD.
    Twice during Victim B’s account, Masterson interrupted her to make jokes, and the observers reacted angrily to Masterson as Victim B refused to continue.
    After that disastrous meeting, Victim B went to the LAPD on June 6, 2004, despite the church’s threats if she did so.
    By July 2004, however, the LAPD told Victim B that they had been “bombarded” by an attorney representing Masterson, and the church had sent numerous affidavits by witnesses to contradict Victim B and support Masterson. Unless another victim came forward, Victim B was told, the investigation was being closed. (But the case was not found to be “without merit,” as Masterson and his representatives have claimed.)
    After the case was closed, in August 2004 a church attorney brought Victim B a hand-written letter of apology from the actor, and asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Masterson so she would never make her allegations public. Under threats by Masterson’s attorney that she would be smeared in the press if she didn’t sign, and pressure from the church, which again threatened to “declare” her unless she complied, she signed the agreement and was paid in the low six figures.
    Since then, the LAPD has lost all files from its 2004 investigation, according to reporting by the Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali.
    Masterson’s defenders are quick to say that the allegations made by his four accusers are as much as 16 years old. What they are less apt to say is that Victim B went to the police, against the persuasive power of the Church of Scientology, and in a timely fashion.
    Now, the DA’s office is convinced that Masterson deserves to be charged and should face life in prison. But will the DA herself, Jackie Lacey, agree?

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    Sorry it’s such a horrible editing job, I tried so many times.^^

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    I can't wait until the Church of $cientology comes down, or at least has to pay taxes.

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    If they keep protecting and defending this fucker, this might well be the end of them. Sure other sadist a-holes have belonged to the church, but he is a famous sadistic a-hole caught at a time where the public is keeping score on this kind of stuff. Scieno's better retreat or this could be the beginning of the end for them.

    Also, I'd like the LA police to take a swift one to the balls for brushing off these victims in the past.
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    The CO$ is bound to run out of money eventually. No celeb in their right mind who gives a shit about their image and continuing to get roles is joining the ranks now unless it's something they keep on the DL.
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    I always hated Hyde. Such a smug asshole
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    He was actually my favorite character so I'm disgusted.
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    Yeah I loved his character Hyde, but I'd always thought there was something off and creepy about him.
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    Hyde was my favorite too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsDark View Post
    The CO$ is bound to run out of money eventually. No celeb in their right mind who gives a shit about their image and continuing to get roles is joining the ranks now unless it's something they keep on the DL.
    I agree with you BUT they have managed to amass billions in real estate so they won't be running out of money anytime soon.
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    Well this is a fucking Shan! Mediation by CO$????
    Expect suicide via gunshot wounds to the back...

    Lawsuits against Danny Masterson must go through Scientology mediation

    By Priscilla DeGregory

    January 1, 2021 | 1:01pm

    Actor Danny Masterson and the women accusing him of trying to silence their sexual assault claims must resolve their lawsuits through Church of Scientology arbitration, a judge recently ruled, according to a report.

    The 2019 civil cases brought by former Scientologists Chrissie Carnell Bixler, her musician hubby, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, and two women who sued anonymously must be worked out in “religious arbitration,” Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Steven Kleifield said in a decision from Wednesday, according to Deadline.

    This is because an arbitration agreement was already in place with the Church of Scientology, which will now be handling the dispute, the outlet reported

    The ruling does not apply to Marie Bobette Riales’ similar case against Masterson as she was not a member of the church and therefore wasn’t a part of the prior arbitration agreement, the news site reported.

    The women claimed that the “That ’70s Show” star and the church carried out a campaign of harassment against them after they reported to authorities that Masterson allegedly sexually assaulted them.

    The 44-year-old actor — who is said to be a devout Scientologist — was also criminally charged with raping three women at his Los Angeles home in the early 2000s and is scheduled for arraignment in that case on Wednesday, Deadline reported.

    Bixler is the only victim named in the criminal case. She dated Masterson from 1996 until 2001 and claims she was drugged and raped, several times, in his Hollywood Hills home.

    Masterson has denied the civil and criminal allegations against him.

    “This was absolutely the correct result,” Masterson’s lawyer Andrew Brettler told Variety. “We look forward to arbitrating the claims, as the Court directed.”

    How are these women that have not only been brave enough to report being raped and have escaped a cult and now going to "arbitration" with said cult???

    WTF American.
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    What??? That’s crazy. The shit they get away with is mind boggling.
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