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Thread: Dancer Claims Britney Spears Broke Her Nose

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHELLEE View Post
    Wouldn't there be gushing blood Along with the cracking sound? If so, I'd assume it was broken.
    Not necessarily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjw View Post

    Dawn says the impact was so forceful, everyone in the room heard a cracking sound.
    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    Think that that might have hinted at it.....
    Yeah, but to play Cheeto's (Devil's) Advocate for Brit (), being a dancer myself for 25 years - you hear a lot of "cracking" and other bodily sounds when a group is rehearing/performing. And when you're in a rehearsal space, sounds are magnified. That's just the average day in dance-world.

    My right ankle cracks every time I flex it, and loudly. I have no idea why, never injured it, and it's not painful, but it does.
    I'm 30 and my body feels and sounds as if I were 80 (but will dance until the day I die-it's my life, my release ).

    What I do have a hard time with is gas. Try keeping a straight face during a televised performance while someone in the group lets one rip. Oy. Now that should be a suable offense

    ETA: It's also possible to "crack" cartilage in your nose and not necessarily break/fracture the bone... If there's no "noticeable" fracture or blood, how would Britney know she accidentally broke this woman's nose? She apologized, did this woman expect for people to shut-down the day and/or expect Britney beg for forgiveness?
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    Naw someone else looking for 15 minutes of fame and some extra money. Pfft leave Britney aaaa lone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleuth View Post
    Naw someone else looking for 15 minutes of fame and some extra money. Pfft leave Britney aaaa lone.
    And money for a nose job.
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