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Thread: The Dalai Lama-Ugly chicks can't do my job

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    ah. we say Dal-ee.

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    This is why I'd rather not know too much about my inspirational figures, spiritual gurus, etc. They all have feet of clay, every one. I still get the sense that the DL does some good in the world. That's enough, I guess. But when one idealizes someone excessively, there's always a harsh comedown.

    Anyway, he's an old man. It's always a nice surprise when some senior citizen is really cool with modern women and down with feminism.

    In the end, though, do you guys think there may be some bitter truth to his words? Generally, I think beautiful people have an edge in the world. But it's okay for male leaders to be homely; women, not so much. (Though in politics it may help people take them more seriously, e.g. Angela Merkel, Golda Meir. Spirituality, I'm not so sure. There are no ugly images of Mary. Food for thought.)

    Here are a couple of famous gurus from the Siddha Yoga path of Hinduism:

    Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, born Malti Shetti in India in 1955. Her parents were devotees of Muktananda, the Siddya Yoga guru of that day. He became Malti's guru and after he died she took his place. This is her in her 50s. She's still gorgeous.

    Whereas Muktananda:

    Greasy lil dude. This is the best pic I've ever seen of him. Still meh. He always struck me as pervy. Rumors support that btw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by faithanne View Post
    Oh ok I know about Hello Dolly, must be a pronunciation thing because that didn't even occur to me. We say Dal-eye.
    Same here, explains why I didn't get it either.
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    Kind of a let down to find out the Dalai Lama is a dickhead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by faithanne View Post
    Oh ok I know about Hello Dolly, must be a pronunciation thing because that didn't even occur to me. We say Dal-eye.
    I still remember being in a bus station in Sydney and we asked which area our bus would be at, and the woman said, "A", but she pronounced it "Eye". So, we said "I", and she said no, "EYE" and pointed toward "A". Good times!

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    ^Are you sure she wasn't a visiting cockney? We say ay but we drag it out so its like aaay (but broader, not like Fonzie). Bogans pronounce I like oy.
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