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Thread: Dad working for Britney Spears full time

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    Why not? He had to quit a job to take care of his spoiled selfish daugther.

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    I think its sad bc the best thing that we can give to our children is the knowledge that we love them no matter what, that we will support them no matter what, we dont always love their actions but we always love them.

    Parents-children relationship are (or need to be) unique, children need to know that thier parents house is always thier home and at any age we need our perants support like our kids need our.

    When your kid need you, its not important if he 12, 26 or 40 if he need you, you there for him bc you want to, bc you love him, bc you want the best for him and bc its your "duty" as his parent.

    We can gossip about Britney, think that she the worst mother ever, that she no good and to think that she is the devil himself but we not her parents ! ! !

    Pp who have much better job then her "dad" who stady thier all life to get to were they are leave EVERYTHING to be next to thier sick child (and she is sick) and they dont even think that someone need to compensate them for what they lost, in thier eyes the only thing that is important is that their kids will be healthy.

    Her sickness didnt start in her divorce, years befoe there were allot of stories about her weird behavior but now when millions from HER money lost her "parents" finally get to the conclusion that she need them but their help dosent came unconditional they believe that she need to compesate them for their time and efforts.

    Whatever we think about her how many of us who are parents think that they act the same if it was their child?
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