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Thread: Courtney Love fuming after ID thieves used Kurt Cobain's SSN to buy 3.2 mil mansion

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    How on earth did whoever put this deal throught NOT recognize Kurt's name on the ID? I mean, really, who in America hasn't heard of Kurt Cobain?
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    I think Love,s various abuses are finally catching up with her,mentally and money wise..

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    Holy crap, so bitch is nuttier than a fruitcake. I do wonder if she really has all those financial problems and has blown through all her (Kurt's) money. Poor Frances. Either way she's screwed, she's either got a nutter for a mother or she's broke because her mom blew her inheritance. Probably both.

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    you already know.

    Default .....................dead yet?! stupid bitch.

    Quote Originally Posted by effie2 View Post
    I think Love,s various abuses are finally catching up with her,mentally and money wise..
    yeah i do too; no one's immune to drugs effects. i was wondering when her abusive past would catch up to her!

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