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Thread: A Comprehensive List Of Everything Karl Lagerfeld Hates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenna View Post
    And I'll have you know, you nasty old skunk with garlic in your soul, that I bought some sweatpants long before I lost control of my life, so there!

    I have to be able to lounge around at home in comfort.
    What did garlic ever do to you?
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    See, Whores, we are good for something. Love, Florida

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    I've seen some interviews with him and he really is entertaining and really sarcastic. I think he is great!

    Another quote of him I like:
    Kate Middleton has a nice silhouette. I like that kind of woman, I like romantic beauties. On the other hand, the sister struggles. I donít like the sisterís face. She should only show her back.
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    ^^ i like that effie likes this.
    you could argue that he's being sarcastic to the point of coming across as serious, but i think he's actually serious with every single comment. his honesty is brutal, but refreshing.
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    "This is not meant to be at all offensive: You suffer from diarrhea of the mouth but constipation of the brain." - McJag

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    Weeeell,Karl and I are both old bitches enjoying the hard won right to say whatever and not give a fuck...actually i am softer than him just because i born and raised children...

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