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Thread: A coffee break w/ Sanjaya Malakar: proving there is life after Idol

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheetopia View Post
    I'm sure Stevie didn't have a clue who or what Sandvagina is...surely this publicist told him it was good way to get free publicity to sell even more copies of "Songs in the Key of Life" through Starbucks.

    I love Wonder but damn, he will get on the stage with any freaking body. Seen him in DC supporting all sorts of causes and horrible singers and musicians. Sell them CDs any way you can, Daddy's got a big old dreadlocks braiding bill and piano tuning doesn't come cheap.

    So when do you all think Sandvagina will finally grow some pubes and voice drop an octave?
    You've got a better chance of seeing Sans-VanginaPenis become the next pregnant man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msdebagain View Post
    Oh my lord. I'm late to this party... but is that really him??? :praying it is photoshopped:

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