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Thread: Clay Aiken says people in Omaha, Nebraska don't care whether he's gay or not

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    do people in Omaha still buy his cds?
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    Clay - People in Georgia don't care if your gay either but I do care when you go trolling on the internet for a boyfriend. Clay darlin some people should just keep their clothes on and your one of them.

    btw between you and Billy Bob Thornton you could knit a carpet out of your chest hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celeb_2006 View Post
    Unfortunately this double speak shows that his sexual orientation is cause for some measure of shame or self conscious.
    Thank you! Why are we still having this discussion? Gay or not, he's still a bland singer and stage presence with an ego bigger than Elizabeth Hasselbeck's fundie agenda on the View.

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    Soon, there will be an exclusive photo of him frenching Big Gay Al, and he'll be blamed for being "the other woman."
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    ^^Which one?

    My my, didn't we all just dip our tongues in some acid today.

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    He really should stop having gay temper tantrums about being gay.

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