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Thread: Christina Aguilera and her massive mammaries do Ellen

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    just another freak in the freak kingdom


    Quote Originally Posted by crackho View Post
    Maybe she was just trying to make Ellen happy.
    my thought too, I was feeling charitable
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    WOW. I saw her on Ellen too, but I just saw a video of her on TMZ, it looks like you could stick a pin in those balloons and they'd explode! They're HUGE.

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    I was out at a pub last week and her 'Genie in a Bottle' video came on and a couple blokes sitting at the next table actually said 'she was hot back then, but now she looks like a trannie'... I laughed out loud when I over-heard them say that... I was so tempted to write on a beer coaster and hand it to them!
    vaya con dios

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