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Thread: Chloe Grace Moretz is dating Brooklyn Beckham

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    I'd just like the little twit to look up "cultural appropriation" and he can look up "Sitting Bull" and "General Custer" while he's at it. I've no strong views either way but I'm absolutely certain he doesn't have a clue what to do other than copy Daddy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsDark View Post
    Here's a different situation: Parents with teens who are dating look at me like I have two heads when I say that DarkJr is not, and has never dated anyone yet at 18.
    I went on my first actual date on the night before my 21st birthday. There's no rush and if Dark Jnr is happy to wait until he meets someone who floats his boat enough to ask out then fair play to him. It's better than hooking up with someone just to be a part of 'the crowd'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    'No regard for the violent history of indigenous people': Brooklyn Beckham accused of 'disrespect' over 'meaningless' Native American tattoo

    By Becky Freeth for MailOnline
    PUBLISHED: 17:13, 4 April 2017 | UPDATED: 22:11, 4 April 2017

    Brooklyn Beckham has come under fire over his 'disrespectful' first tattoo.
    The forearm inking, which directly mimics his father David's, is an illustration of a Native American in traditional headdress, which he showed off on Instagram on Sunday.
    And while some called it 'awesome', 'beautiful' and 'great,' some accused the teenager, 18, of 'disregarding the violent history of indigenous people' for a 'cool' aesthetic.


    Disrespectful? Brooklyn Beckham has come under fire for his Native American tattoo (pictured on Tuesday), which began his collection at the weekend

    Brooklyn has yet to reveal the meaning behind his landmark first inking, and David's rib cage replica is similarly one of the few he has never disclosed the story of.

    A representative for the family has been contacted by MailOnline for comment.

    Read more: Brooklyn Beckham 'disrespectful' over Native American ink | Daily Mail Online

    Thanks for the article. I was shocked when there wasn't one.

    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    With regard to that tattoo - it looks like a reproduction of a Sitting Bull photographic portrait. I guess people could argue whether someone should or should not be allowed to tattoo historical figures on themselves. But I doubt it was done out of disrespect. Sitting Bull was the guy who kicked General Custer's ass at Little Bighorn.
    See, this is what I'm terrible at figuring out. What if (and it's maybe not the case here) you just genuinely admire someone and want to have them tattooed on your arm? But then, I don't understand how a sandwich, or any food, can constitute cultural appropriation, either.

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