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Thread: Chin news: Jennifer Aniston on the set of her new movie

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    the thread title
    her movies r cute. despite the fact that she acts the same way in all of them.

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    I have been watching friends a lot lately (bored) and compared to these pics, she looks very different. I cant pinpoint it, but she looks more manly than ever here, but facially more elongated. I dont know. Maybe Im drunk.
    Jack I swear.

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    I can see her never changing her own hairstyle in her private life, but when all the characters she plays in different films always have the exact same hair, well, that just doesn't work.

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    I covet the shoes! If only I could walk on such high heels... They are gorgeous! The rest, not so much, the skirt is not exactly awful but it feels like it doesn't mesh with the rest.

    I'm not exactly dying to see this movie. Rom coms are not quite my thing but I don't think it will necessarily bomb.

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    This will bomb big time! She is box office poison. so boring!

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