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Thread: Cher's son Elijah Blue reveals rift with famous mother

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    I think 'eloping' means they were too cheap to invite any guests because Mama wasn't paying!
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    Two things, Cher hates drugs and she wants grandchildren very much. I was thinking with those kids she'll never get any. Cher goes in and out with her children, much like she did with her mother. She must be a really stubborn person and stand her ground. She hates drugs and was so in love with Gregg that she didn't want to see it. Both her kids are addicts and in recovery.

    Elijah has lived in her house on and off for years. Much longer than any adult I can think of. He shouldn't have whined like that. She probably gave him too much and he asked for more. It makes me nuts that the Hollywood kids are so spoiled, never groomed for an education or bring in some steady income. Sometimes he's a musician, sometimes and artist, but I bet Cher has monthly dividends set up for him. Cher has said she takes all the blame for being a working mother who was away a lot. In all these years I could never say she didn't love her children. When Chaz wanted to go to Performing Arts High School in NY, she moved the family to NY for four years.

    I didn't know about the Lime Disease, but jesus man, quit yer whining. Insurance doesn't cover magic clinics in Germany, mother does. That's Cher's clinic where she goes for her magic potions (not PS). She found it when she had Epstein Barr and she told Farrah to go there. I hope Mrs. E. Blue Allman gets pregnant right away and give this woman a grandchild. Think of the headlines.

    For you Bluebonnet...S&C divorced, Cher pregnant with Elijah and married to GA. A blooper where she gets laughs hysterically.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebonnet View Post

    FWIW, I remember when Elijah was born! And yes, Gregg was hot back in the 70's.

    *goes back to rocking chair*

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    Well, at least he's mature and doesn't look like a serial killer....
    All I got from this article is Wah, Wah, Waaaaahhhhh....
    His wife is only 26?!? She looks a tad older than 26 in those photos....

    Although I know Cher isn't a saint, but from what I gather through this article, Cher has provided for her son, and tried at certain points to help him (rehab, military school, etc. ) when she saw that he was going down bad paths....and still most likely provides for him with the house he lives in now, trips, and money so he could afford all of those creepy knives he's holding in those pictures...

    WTF is he complaining about???

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    I get the feeling (it's something I've wondered about due to being a fan), was that Elijah wanted/needed a man to be there for him, to stick around and be a Dad. In his own words - he would attach himself to any man around that gave him attention. He was close to Val Kilmer and very close to Rob Camilletti who was a father figure to him (despite him being in his 20's and the same with Val). They did those Dad things with him and after a few years they were gone. The article didn't point out any specific issues with his mother, but we know they're there. The only man around was Cher's sister's husband (the current one, not Michael Madsen).

    He's seen Gregg all through his life, he studied music and played on stage with his mother but he couldn't be a father to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistify View Post
    He dated Heather Graham said she was stupid.
    Yeah, I didn't really need a third party to provide confirmation of that! Lol
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