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Thread: Is Charlize Theron a Playa?

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    Sean Penn Moved In With Charlize Theron And Wants To Marry Her And Adopt Her Kid

    February 4, 2014 / Posted by: Michael K

    If Charlize Theron told you that Sean Penn was moving into her house with her and her kid Jackson, you’d probably throw a subtle side-eye and then shrug since he looks like a rabid German Shepard with rabies and that will keep burglars away. Also, if that crazy bitch brings out the rage, she can always call the police and the 24-hour movers.

    If Charlize Theron told you that she was going to marry Sean Penn, you’d probably throw a full side-eye and then shrug since a thing called divorce exists and you aren’t officially Hollywood until you’ve had at least 3 of those.
    If Charlize Theron told you that she was going to let Sean Penn adopt her son Jackson, you’d use your eyes and fingers to call for an ambulance since she obviously needs an emergency MRI. Bitch obviously busted the part of her brain that operates reason.

    says that Charlize and scab-faced Sean have pressed the fast forward button four times on their relationship and are making plans to go from living together to raising a kid together. Somebody get Jackson a taser for his next birthday. The source (aka Sean’s publicist or Hugo Chavez’s ghost) said this:

    “Sean is head over heels in love with Charlize, and her son Jackson. He is a totally different person around Charlize, she brings out the gentle and fun side that not many people have seen of Sean. To see this previously surly grown man, romping around Charlize’s backyard with Jackson, with a smile on his face would amaze Sean’s detractors. Charlize is getting Sean to not take himself to seriously. The two began talking about marriage in the last few weeks, after Sean moved into Charlize’s house. She has never wanted to get married, but seeing how Sean interacts with Jackson, she is having a change of heart. For the longest time, Charlize thought it was just going to be her and Jackson, and she was ok with that. For her to now be talking about getting married is a huge departure for Charlize.
    [Sean is] in a very good place right now. He has been single for awhile after his divorce with Robin Wright. People didn’t realize how hard he took that divorce. He felt like a really big failure, he never wanted to be divorced. Charlize is truly the light in his life. He is even talking about adopting Jackson if they get married!”

    Charlize has already convinced Sean Penn to turn all of his guns into an art piece and now he wants to marry her and play family and shit. If Sean actually transforms from a raging taint sore into a gentle and calm family man, then Charlize’s pussy needs to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Charlize’s pussy needs to be recognized as a skilled asshole whisperer.

    Tags: Charlize Theron, Sean Penn, This Is Not Going To End Well, What The Fuck Were You Thinking

    Dlisted | Sean Penn Moved In With Charlize Theron And Wants To Marry Her And Adopt Her Kid
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sassiness View Post
    Haven't there been blind items that suggest he's so full of himself he doesn't think he needs to shower often? And bad in bed?

    The latter can't be true if people like Charlize and ScarJo are willing to put up with his BO though....

    But how can you be so desperate that you even kiss him and go further?
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    seriously, she has a grudge against her pussy.
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    Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have just shared their first public makeout.
    The duo was photographed in Beverly Hills on Friday showing quite a bit of PDA and locking lips in the actress' car.
    The South African beauty can be seen leaning in to Penn, who was driving, and cupping his face during the steamy passionate kiss.
    A source tells E! News exclusively that it was just the two of them in the vehicle and when they paused at a stoplight, they "made out the entire time."

    It's unclear where the Oscar winners were headed during their afternoon outing, but we do know one thing for sure: we have never seen them quite like this before.
    This isn't the first time we have seen Penn and Theron show their affection for one another since they were first romantically linked just after the New Year.
    The A-listers fueled relationship rumors when they spent the holidays in Hawaii together and were spotted returning to Los Angeles.
    Shortly after their sun-filled getaway, the 38-year-old and her 53-year-old beau grabbed coffee in Malibu and enjoyed a date night at the movie theater.

    "They are spending night after night together and moving very fast," a source told E! News exclusively at the time of the sightings. "It seems like it's getting serious and that they can't get enough of each other."
    The pair made their first official public appearance at Penn's Help Haiti Home gala on Jan. 11 and although they didn't walk the red carpet together, they were quite comfortable cuddling and giving each other sweet little kisses at their table.
    Sean Penn and Charlize Theron Makeout for the First Time in Public—See the Pics! | E! Online

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    Oh Char. I just fell out of love with you.
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    is there any proof that she's gay?
    another year i claim of total indifference.

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    What the hell is she doing? I was under the impression she had a decent head on her shoulders. This is a huge misstep. He's bad news. Nothing good is gonna come from this.

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    Run Charlize, Run!
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    i can't believe she is with Sean!
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    If he ever raised a hand to her I am pretty sure she will squash him like a gnat.
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    SEAN PENN’s grown children don’t like his new girlfriend Charlize Theron and have secretly nicknamed her “Chuckles” because she constantly cracks jokes in a futile attempt to win their approval, a source says.

    As Hollywood’s latest May-Decem*ber couple inch closer and closer to walking down the aisle, a source says the one stumbling block is that Sean’s children by ex-wife Robin Wright – daughter Dylan, 22, and son Hopper, 20 – haven’t warmed up to their soon-to-be stepmother.

    “Sean is crazy about Charlize and can’t wait to marry her, but he’s getting incredible flak from his kids,” a Hollywood insider told The ENQUIRER.

    Dylan and Hopper find the gorgeous South African actress “shallow, dense and vapid” com*pared to their actress mom, who is every bit Sean’s intellectual match and worked on his political causes and charities, the source says. In sharp contrast, Charlize is from a small farming town and dropped out of high school to become a model. Although she went on to win an Oscar and Golden Globe for her performance in “Monster,” Dylan, a budding model, and Hopper, a college student and actor, are not impressed. “They latched onto her shortcomings and feel there’s no way she can fill Robin’s shoes,” said the insider.

    Robin, 47, is now engaged to 14-years-younger actor Ben Foster, who is adored by the Penn kids. But while they have no problem with Robin’s “cou*gar” image, they seem to resent that Sean, who is 53, is dating a 38-year-old.

    Unfortunately, Charlize got off on the wrong foot when she first met the Penn offspring and tried too hard to befriend them, according to the source. “She insisted they call her by her nickname, ‘Charlie,’ and tried talking about the music and films she thought they’d like. She cracked jokes, but the kids ended up laughing AT her instead of with her.”


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    Didn't her mom have to shoot her abusive father when he attacked the family? And isn't Sean Penn a known physical abuser?
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    ^great point WhateverLolaWants and true statement! I believe the shooting may have occurred with Charlize present, as well. You very well may be on to some cycical someting or another here! damn.

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    When this pops up I come here expecting to see that one of them assaulted the other. But again, if he has his shit together, I can see where they would compliment each other personality wise.

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    Sean Penn and Charlize Theron take her son Jackson to the beach | Mail Online

    Could this be the one they've been searching for? Sean Penn, 53, and Charlize Theron, 38, are more loved up than ever on beach day with her son
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    PUBLISHED: 22:29 EST, 11 March 2014 | UPDATED: 06:46 EST, 12 March 2014

    They are Hollywood's hottest new couple and have been practically inseparable since spending the holidays in Hawaii together.
    But Sean Penn and Charlize Theron found themselves on a different beach paradise together.
    The 53-year-old star was spotted with the beautiful blonde, 38, along with her adorable two-year-old son Jackson in Malibu, California on Tuesday.

    Loved up: New couple Sean Penn, 53, was seen with cuddling with 35-year-old actress Charlize Theron in Malibu on Tuesday

    Family day: Joining the new pair on the outing was the blonde beauty's adorable two-year-old son Jackson

    Sean and Charlize sure seem to be quite fond of one another as they embraced on the beach looking over Jackson playing by the shoreline.
    The loving couple could not keep their hands off one another while the Monster star wrapped her arms around the back of Sean's neck, while his hands were placed on her hips.

    They even changed positions as the blonde beauty embraced the Mystic River star from behind.

    Need a lift? Sean and the Monster actress were unafraid to show PDA on the outing

    I've got your back! Charlize embraced the Mystic River star from behind while they watched over her son

    Loving embrace: The two have been practically inseparable since spending the holidays in Hawaii together

    We almost have liftoff! Charlize nearly left the ground as Sean gave her a big hug

    Leaning in for comfort: Sean leans into Charlize and lets himself go as he watches the waves

    Both stars appeared to be having a great time as they each took turns playing with Jackson while on the beach getaway.

    Joining the trio on the beach were two dogs: one brown and white and the other grey.
    The Prometheus actress donned a grey hoody over a bikini before changing into a grey striped long-sleeve top, light blue jeans, and a pair of black athletic shoes.

    Watch those waves! The Fast Times At Ridgemont High star and Charlize watched over Jackson as he had fun in the water

    it's all about baby Jackson: The couple watch over Jackson as he had fun in the sea

    Her two boys: Sean played with Jackson along the shoreline as the two played in the ocean water during the beach outing

    Who let the dogs out? Charlize stood next to the two pooches that joined the trio on the outing as she watched her new beau interact with her son

    Beach day: Charlize, Sean and her son Jackson frolicked on the beach together

    Charlize had her signature short platinum locks down on the outing and wore a pair of big, dark sunglasses as well.
    The Milk actor donned a red and green flannel shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of brown boots.
    Before they left from their beach trip, the doting mother wrapped her boy in a yellow towel to dry him up and keep him warm after playing in the ocean water.

    A source has revealed that the Fast Times At Ridgemont High star and Charlize are already talking about moving in together and even getting married.

    Holding on: Sean and Charlize couldn't keep their hands off each other

    A man and his dog: Sean wore a green and red flannel, jeans, and a pair of boots

    Blonde beauty: Charlize donned a striped grey top, light blue jeans, and black athletic shoes

    Charlize has previously stated that she is not keen on the concept, saying back in 2011 that marriage was 'never something that was important [to me].'

    Sean divorced second wife Robin Wright in 2010 after 14 years of marriage, with the pair sharing a daughter Dylan, 23, and a son Hopper, 20.

    He was previously married to Madonna for four years in the 1980s, while Charlize was in a long-term relationship with Irish actor Stuart Townsend, 41.

    Charlize's latest film A Million Ways To Die In The West opens on May 30th and co-stars Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson and Neil Patrick Harris.

    Sealed with a kiss: Charlize and Sean ended their hug fest with a kiss

    Casual outing: Charlize and Sean headed out to the beach in jeans and wore shoes on the sand

    Run to your mum! The Mystic River star pointed Charlize's young son in his mother's direction so the Prometheus actress could dry and warm him up

    Bundled up: Charlize wrapped Jackson up in a yellow towel at the end of the beach day]

    here he comes! Charliz and Sean relax with friends on the beach as they watch Jackson tear around

    Sean Penn and Charlize Theron take her son Jackson to the beach | Mail Online

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