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Thread: CBS pulls Rihanna Song as Thursday NFL Opener in Wake of Ray Rice Scandal

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    yeah, i have to call bullshit on this being the first time he hit her too... sad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JadeStar70 View Post
    I can't believe her Dad could be in the same room with Ray without kicking his ass. I know my husband would flip on any man that dropped one of his daughters like that. My husband would be in jail for question.

    I am not very educated on physical abuse....but does a person punch and knock someone unconscious the first time they hit? You would think the abuse would start with verbal assaults and lead into shoving, pushing, slapping/back handing, ect. It is hard for me to swallow that this was the first and only instance and it led to a TKO in a blink of an eye.
    It starts - usually - with emotional undermining mixed with grand gestures and declarations. Enough sugar to keep you sweet and think that there is actually a good person in there who is begging you to help them become better. Then starts the verbal assaults, the minor pushing and rough "play" to keep pushing back the boundaries of acceptable behaviour and tolerance. Then, when they are secure in their belief that their victim is going nowhere, the real shit starts.

    It's very rare for a first time incident of domestic violence to be something like a full on cold clocking. If it wasn't more victims would walk straight away and deny them their fun. That's why they are usually very selective in choosing a victim (often someone who is already vulnerable) and will carefully lay the necessary groundwork.
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