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Thread: Catherine Zeta Jones joins A-list heavyweights in crowd for Joe Calzaghe fight

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    Was just coming here to ask where Granddad was. His Benefiber kick in early?

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    Zeta has assembled her own modern day Rat Pack. That being said, boxing enthusiast is an appealing side of her. Makes her seem more real somehow.

    Little back ground on the Welsh flag - to the best of my knowledege - the Red Dragon hearkens back to King Arthur "Pendragon". Arthur was a Welshman - this preceded the Saxon migrations, and the family emblem was a Red Dragon.

    Flag of Wales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The flag was granted official status in 1959, but the red dragon itself has been associated with Wales for centuries; indeed, the flag is sometimes claimed to be the oldest national flag still in use.

    The Welsh Flag is the only flag of the constituent countries of the UK not to be used in the Union Flag.

    Wales and Bhutan are the only countries to have a dragon on their flag, though the Chinese flag also featured a dragon during the Qing Dynasty.

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    I like CZJ's looks but not her acting.

    I like the concept of the dragon but the flag dragon is crap. Call Michael Whelan.

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