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Thread: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her second child

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    Also the carefully posed cursed Diana ring on full display.
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    I wonder how long it's going to take them to announce her name. I had thought that an old-fashioned English flower name might play into the mix, like Iris or Rose, just because it's not quite as terribly dull as most of the other popular choices. They can still have Elizabeth or Victoria for tradition's sake, though it's worth noting that neither Charles nor Philip landed on George's nameroll.

    Earl Spencer's daughter is Charlotte Diana, so we won't see that. But the interesting move would be any inclusion of Diana at all. The Royals don't seem opposed to manipulative sentimentality, given how they've referenced Diana already--like Kate's inheriting Diana's engagement ring, wearing that blue polka dot dress after giving birth to George, etc. But some folks wouldn't like it at all. Anne would look more prunelike than ever.

    I'm keeping my bets safe: she'll grow up leggy and tall, and will happily lack the major 'derp'/mouth-breather gene so apparent in the Fergie-Andrew spawn. Her resemblance to Pippa Middleton will also be minimal to non-existent.
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    I am also waiting to see if they will be brave enough to include the Diana name. I think the ring is on show in case they can't. There will always be reminders of Diana somehow and it's understandable.
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    Kate Middleton's midwives who delivered the Princess revealed | Daily Mail Online

    Call the midwives! The calm duo who delivered the Princess after striking up close rapport with Kate

    • Midwives Arona Ahmed and boss Jacqui Dunkley-Bent delivered Princess
    • They struck up close rapport with Duchess of Cambridge during first birth
    • Team of surgeons were led by royal gynaecologist Mr Guy Thorpe-Beeston
    • Kate gave birth to a girl just 154 minutes after being admitted to hospital

    By Valerie Elliott and Nick Craven for The Mail on Sunday
    Published: 16:54 EST, 2 May 2015 | Updated: 05:04 EST, 3 May 2015

    The unsung heroines of the Royal birth were midwives Arona Ahmed and her boss, Jacqui Dunkley-Bent, Professor of midwifery at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, who together delivered the Princess.

    According to hospital insiders, the professor, 51, had struck up a close rapport with the Duchess of Cambridge when she delivered Prince George two years ago at St Mary's Hospital, West London.

    Mrs Ahmed, 44, had missed out on that occasion because her shift ended before the birth and she was replaced by another midwife.

    The unsung heroines of the Royal birth were midwives Arona Ahmed (right) and her boss, Jacqui Dunkley-Bent (left)

    But yesterday, Mrs Ahmed helped at the princess's birth, while the team of suited male surgeons, led by Mr Guy Thorpe-Beeston, Surgeon Gynaecologist to the Royal Household, looked on.

    Kate had a meticulous birth plan. She had opted to be seen first by the midwives, and as a source said: 'What the duchess wants, the duchess gets.'

    So while the male doctors waited in a nearby room, it was the red-uniformed midwives – the colour denotes their seniority – who monitored Kate as her contractions progressed and supported Prince William.

    Both women are experienced, unflappable and have the full confidence of the obstetricians.

    It is understood a team of three midwives has been on standby for more than a month to cover three shifts over a 24-hour period should Kate have been admitted early.

    By establishing a specific team for the Royal birth, Kate and William ensured that the care of other patients, NHS or private, was not affected or disrupted.

    Given the speed of Kate's delivery – just 154 minutes after being admitted to the hospital – it is likely she was in labour at home for some hours before feeling the need to be with her medical team.

    Kate had a meticulous birth plan and opted to be seen first by the midwives. A source said: 'What the duchess wants, the duchess gets'

    The team of suited male surgeons were led by Mr Guy Thorpe-Beeston (centre), Surgeon Gynaecologist to the Royal Household

    While the world welcomed the new princess yesterday, Uncle Harry was at a game of Aussie Rules Football in Perth

    Read more: Kate Middleton's midwives who delivered the Princess revealed | Daily Mail Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweets View Post
    I thought the same thing but realistically, it's not like she will be in that dress for long. Straight in a car & straight to the palace where I'm sure she threw on some trackies & ugg boots lol.
    I'm sure she's also wearing one of those ginormous maxi-pads they put you in. Ah, memories.

    She does look great and the baby looks awfully good for such a fresh 'un. Kate is doing a great job popping them out, and George is a real cutie.
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    "That vagina, though".

    The team of suited male surgeons were led by Mr Guy Thorpe-Beeston (centre), Surgeon Gynaecologist to the Royal Household
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    Kate looks stunning. I love the dress.
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    She looks lovely and the baby is a doll..Such a fast delivery..lucky her..She ll have nr 3 in half an hour!

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    Royal baby girl revealed by Kate Middleton and Prince William outside Lindo Wing | Daily Mail Online

    'It means a great deal': Kate and William are 'hugely grateful' for public's warm wishes following the birth of their daughter spending day with proud grandparents (and Auntie Pippa)

    • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said congratulations they have received from the public meant 'a great deal'
    • They added they were 'hugely grateful' for the kind wishes of people celebrating their newborn daughter's birth
    • Kate and William spent the day at home in Kensington Palace with their daughter and one-year-old Prince George
    • Carole, Pippa and Michael Middleton visited the baby this afternoon alongside Prince Charles and Camilla
    • The Queen is in Sandringham where she will remain until Tuesday and will likely meet her great-grandchild there
    • Kate and William are planning to decamp to Anmer Hall, their private home on the Norfolk estate, this week

    By Rebecca English and Jennifer Smith and Gemma Mullin and Stephanie Linning and Keiligh Baker for MailOnline
    Published: 05:09 EST, 2 May 2015 | Updated: 11:08 EST, 3 May 2015

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have said they are 'hugely grateful' for all the warm wishes they have received since the birth of their daughter.

    In a statement issued on the couple's behalf they said the congratulations of people around the world meant 'a great deal' to them as thousands continued to celebrate the little princess's birth.

    Born yesterday at 8.34am, the baby girl - whose name is still not known - was taken home to Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace by her proud parents last night.

    This morning Kate and William's relatives flocked to meet her, with Carole and Pippa Middleton the first to arrive. They were followed by Charles and Camilla who beamed with delight as they drove themselves past the palace gates.

    The Queen is staying privately in Sandringham where she will remain until Tuesday. She will likely meet the baby, her fifth great-grandchild, when the Cambridges decamp to Norfolk tomorrow.

    The princess, whose name has still not been revealed, was born at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital yesterday weighing 8lbs and 3oz.

    Prince Charles waved cheerily as he left Kensington Palace after spending an hour-and-a-half getting to know his new granddaughter

    The Duchess of Cornwall smiled proudly for the cameras as she and Prince Charles left Kensington Palace with Prince Charles this afternoon

    Prince Charles and Camilla arrived at Kensington Palace shortly after Carole and Pippa Middleton to visit the newborn princess

    Prince Charles told earlier in the week of his desire for a little granddaughter. He was among the first to visit the little princess in London today

    Prince Charles offered a slight smile as he drove himself passed the palace gates in an Audi estate car with the Duchess of Cornwall in the passenger seat

    Kate's mother and sister were the first of the royal couple's relatives to visit the newborn baby who was brought home to Kensington Palace last night just ten hours after being born

    Driving past the world's media in a black Range Rover, Kate's mother and sister arrived at the palace at around 11.30am on Sunday morning

    Carole Middleton looked after Prince George yesterday afternoon as his mother was in labour. She is thought to have left Kensington Palace when the 21-month-old was collected by his father to go to the hospital

    Carole and Pippa Middleton arrived at Kensington Palace at around 11.30am to meet the baby princess for the first time this morning

    Kate's father Michael Middleton arrived at Kensington Palace this afternoon shortly before 2pm to meet his granddaughter for the first time

    Mr Middleton failed to raise a smile as he drove himself through the palace gates this afternoon to join his wife, daughters and granddaughter

    The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were seen leaving St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham this morning. They are staying privately in Norfolk this weekend and will return to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday


    A statement released on behalf of the royal couple this afternoon said:

    'The Duke and Duchess are hugely grateful for the messages of congratulations they have received from people all over the world.

    'It means a great deal to them that so many people have celebrated the arrival of their new daughter.'

    Cheers and chants of 'Princess! Princess!' rang out from the hundreds of well-wishers and tourists gathered outside the palace and the hospital as soon as the news was announced

    A name for their new daughter is yet to be revealed, although it took two days for officials to announce the name of Prince George in 2013

    This is the moment the family first stepped through the doors of the Lindo Wing with Prince William helping his wife down the steps

    The Duchess looked remarkably well rested and groomed just a few short hours after giving birth to the little princess and even wore high heels for her appearance

    William carries his baby daughter in her car seat to their family car before strapping her safely in the back to return to Kensington Palace

    Earlier in the afternoon Prince George offered a shy wave as he arrived at the Lindo Wing with his father to meet his little sister for the first time

    The blonde-haired toddler, who is 21 months old, was sporting a side parting. His ensemble - a blue jumper with a white collared shirt underneath - matched William's outfit, but George also wore blue shorts, blue pulled up socks and black shoes

    William planted a kiss on his little boy's head as they waved from the steps of the Lindo Wing yesterday afternoon before disappearing into the hospital to join Kate and the newborn princess

    After lifting his son out of his car seat Prince William attempted to walk into the hospital holding hands with the toddler but was quickly seen picking him back up after a little persuasion

    Read more: Royal baby girl revealed by Kate Middleton and Prince William outside Lindo Wing | Daily Mail Online
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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    George is such a little nugget.
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    Spittin' image of his old man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    I went home within 12 hours too.
    Our local hospital wants you up, on your feet and out of the door in under two hours if it isn't your first birth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ADel View Post
    She looks fantastic for having just given birth. After both my deliveries I swelled up something fierce. My legs looked like an elephant's. The swelling was so bad on my feet I actually got stretch marks. ON MY FEET! My OB said she'd never seen anything like it.

    She looks beautiful and the baby is squee!
    That's exactly what happened to me. Did anyone every explain why it happened? I had no idea this could occur and I looked bigger because of the swelling after the delivery than before. It was awful.

    Kate really does look amazing and my experience was the exact opposite. I went into labour with my son on a Thursday evening and didn't deliver until Sunday at noonish. By that time I was beyond exhausted and looked like I had been hit by an ugly stick. The video my father took when he came in to see my son confirms it. My lips were so dry that I had blood on my front tooth and my hair looked like it had been styled with a whipper snipper. I was in the hospital for at least 4 days and looked beyond horrific for weeks. At least my son looked amazing! Ah, the sweet memories.

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    Me too. Water weight, I guess. I actually weighed 5 lbs. more the day after my daughter was born. Pfffft. Overall, I tell her it was worth it.

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    I looked like I was still 7/8/9 months pregnant after 4 days in the hospital (c-section).

    I would think that Earl Spencer would have given Diana's boys a chance to use the name Diana first. Of course, I guess he figured that would never happen.

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