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Thread: Catherine Cambridge feeling broody wants another tax-drain... erm... child.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    i think it's even crazier to have that many kids nowadays, especially with the cost of living and the way parenting has changed - there's an expectation that parents spend a lot more time and resources on each kid versus what was acceptable in the past.

    no way did i feel neglected as a kid, but there are definitely ways my parents could've helped me more and i wish they had ... but they really did not have the means - personality or time-wise - to do this. but if i parented our kids the way my parents did, i would be accused of neglect. the expectations now are crazy.
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    The royals can afford four or fourteen kids. Let her have as many as she wants! They need more kids for the next generation of duties when the old ones age out.
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    Her body, her choice but no thanks for me.
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