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Thread: Cameron Diaz on why she refuses to 'defy nature'

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    We are all morons and really believe that this how she looks naturally and never came close to fillers or botox, just like Nicole Kidman. .

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    I have bad skin like her and I will say that is a constant battle that will age your skin prematurely You're kind of damned if you do and damned if you don't. Most of the things that will help control the breakouts make you more sensative to the sun, so you wear a moisturizer with sunscreen in addition to your after-washing moisturizer which, if you aren't careful, can lead to more break outs, even if it's oil free. When your acne is under control, you seem to get the most sun damage. When your face is protected from the sun, your breakouts get out of control. I've always sympathized with her for that. Plus Being John Malkovich is one of my favorite movies, heh.

    As for botox or filler use, I don't know. She's aging exactly the way my aunt and cousin did without using either, so I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She's usually been almost too honest in her interviews, if in kind of a privileged naive way, like Goop Paltrow. If she says she hasn't used those things, I'm inclined to believe her, especially as she seems to be letting the developing turkey neck go for the moment (I doubt that will last, though. I see her getting that shit taken care of some time in the next five years)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalMarie View Post

    I think she looks like Yolanda foster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by louiswinthorpe111 View Post
    I think she looks like Yolanda foster.

    I'm not trying to be mean or sarcastic, but - I honestly had to check to make sure this one picture of Cameron wasn't Ellen Barkin

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    I can't stand celebrities going on about aging gracefully when they clearly use fillers and botox.
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    Many of 'em do it when they have been upholstered to the nth degree. I don't know how the journalist keeps a straight face.

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