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Thread: Bruce Jenner involved in car accident leaving one person dead

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    I'm not surprised, she's never been able to take responsibility for her own actions. As Bruce everybody but Bruce was at fault, why would it be any different as Caitlyn?
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    Now, she says she wants Jessica to take some responsibility, as Caitlyn claims in legal documents that the alleged negligence on Jessica's part is that she was sitting at the light after it turned green because she wasn't paying attention.
    Because the second the light turns green, you should slam on the gas pedal so if there are people behind you not paying attention, it's your fault they rear-end you?

    Gotcha. Makes total sense.

    It's all about image with this family.
    And being found 100% at fault of involuntary vehicular manslaughter on your record does not look cute.
    70% looks cuter.

    (No disrespect to the woman who lost her life, or her loved ones - my sarcasm is purely aimed at Mizz Caitlyn, who seems to give no f*cks about anyone but her wonky-faced self).

    Take responsibility, pay your dues, and move on (and let those affected by this accident move on as well).
    Why drag this out by counter-suing, when you have the resources to put the situation to rest?
    Answer: Image, vanity, negating responsibility.
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