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Thread: Bruce Jenner- I'm Ditching My Adam's Apple

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    Bruce Jenner 'cancels scheduled surgery' to flatten his Adam's Apple as he 'blames doctor's office' for leaking news of the procedure

    PUBLISHED: 17:16, 14 December 2013 | UPDATED: 17:38, 14 December 2013

    Bruce Jenner has allegedly called off his surgery to flatten his Adam's Apple.
    Th 64-year-old reportedly called his Beverly Hills plastic surgeon on Friday to cancel the procedure, known as chondrolaryngoplasty (or tracheal shave).
    According to TMZ, the reality star blamed the doctor's office for leaking the news about the surgery and said he planned to take his business elsewhere.

    Reconsidering: Bruce Jenner has allegedly called off his surgery to flatten his Adam's Apple

    Bruce allegedly told his family about the cancellation, but other sources told TMZ that Bruce plans on going to another plastic surgeon for the procedure.
    The Olympic gold medalist reportedly met with a plastic surgeon on Thursday for a consultation regarding the procedure.
    The operation reduces the size of the cartilage in the neck, and is typically performed on patients in the initial stages of gender reassignment surgery.
    But Bruce denied he is transitioning from male to female.

    'I just never liked my trachea,' he told TMZ. He later clarified that his initial reason for seeing the surgeon was due to a 'large scar' on his nose that hadn't healed after a cancerous growth was removed in September.

    Unconfirmed: The surgery has allegedly been scheduled for early next year, although Bruce told TMZ a date has not yet been set, pictured in LA in November

    According to the website, he wanted to improve the appearance of the scar, and said while he was there he happened to inquire about reducing his Adam's Apple.

    The surgery had been scheduled for early next year, reports TMZ, although Bruce told the website a date has not yet been set.

    This was apparently Bruce's second visit to the surgeon's office.

    Strike a pose: Bruce wore his shoulder-length hair loose as he stood inside a glass tube in this year's Kardashian Christmas card

    Message in a bottle? It was clear Bruce's place inside the tube was meant to have significance, and was orchestrated by photographer David LaChapelle

    Bruce has been dogged by rumours for years that he is a secret cross-dresser.
    Robert Kardashian's widow claimed last year that Bruce's first wife Chrystie Crownover alleged the reality star had a penchant for wearing women's clothing, shoes and lingerie.
    'Of course Bruce was every woman’s heartthrob when he was that age, right?' Ellen told Star Magazine.

    'But Chrystie said, "Yeah, until I went on a trip and I came back and he had gone through all my clothes. And I found my bras… He’d clip them together and wear them".'

    But Chrystie hit out at the reports on Friday, claiming she never made those comments and accused Kris of starting the rumours.
    ‘There was no suggestion of cross-dressing when I was with him. He's a man's man,' she said.
    ‘This is a plan by Kris to destroy his life, she's not a pleasant woman... She's out to get him. She doesn't want him to be happy,' she added.

    Chrystie and Bruce divorced in 1981. They have two children together.

    He went on to wed Linda Thompson shortly after and they had two sons together during their four year marriage - Brandon and Brody.
    But third wife Kris apparently had no qualms about Bruce's penchant for cross-dressing, according to Ellen.

    She claims the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch was unfazed by his odd habit and that he continued to cross-dress for years after their 1991 wedding.

    Bruce Jenner wears blue lipstick in The Hungover Games trailer

    Feminine side: Bruce allegedly has a penchant for cross-dressing, pictured wearing lipstick and a wig in the upcoming film The Hungover Games

    Meanwhile, Bruce dons feminine attire in the upcoming film The Hungover Games, which spoofs recent blockbusters.
    In the movie, he is seen wearing blue lipstick, a short wig, and earrings.
    Bruce plays one of two announcers who provide commentary during a televised fight to the death.

    Changing faces: Bruce, pictured left in March 1979 in LA, and right in April this year

    The procedure is just the latest in a long line of vanity projects that have completely transformed Bruce's appearance.

    His step daughter Kim Kardashian - who herself has been the subject of surgery rumours - revealed Bruce's surgery history in a personal blog she wrote back in 2009.
    'Twenty five years ago, Bruce was ill-advised by a doctor to have a partial facelift and a nose job,' Kim wrote.

    Supporter: In 2009, Kim (centre) praised Bruce's plastic surgery, pictured from left Bruce, Kris, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob, pictured in LA in 2011

    Adding: 'Unfortunately, the result wasn’t what Bruce had hoped for and for years since then he has been the victim of cruel taunts from the media.'
    In May 2009 on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Bruce underwent further surgery to correct the original botched procedure.
    Clearly a cheerleader for the surgery, Kim gushed afterwards: 'The results are amazing! Bruce looks better than ever and he is extremely happy with the result.'


    Chondrolaryngoplasty (also known as a tracheal or laryngeal shave) reduces the size of the Adam's Apple, which is a V-shaped protrusion of cartilage in the neck.

    The surgery involves a tiny incision in a crease of the neck. The vertical muscles in the throat are then moved apart to reveal the cartilage.

    The doctor shaves off the excess cartilage and the top part of the V. The neck muscles are then stitched back together and the incision is closed using sutures.

    The surgery can either be performed under local anesthesia in the doctor's office or under general anesthesia in the operating room.

    The procedure takes around one hour and carries the risk of damaging the voicebox and changing the quality of the vocals.

    It is most commonly performed on male-to-female transsexual patients

    Read more: Bruce Jenner 'cancels surgery' to flatten Adam's Apple | Mail Online

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    Gosh, Kris' legs and waist certainly look different in the unedited shot. Seriously, there's a little airbrushing and then there's photoshopping like 30 pounds off. Subtle.

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    A man's man should be able to enjoy the silky touch of sexy panties against his balls without judgment.

    This guy I dated for a long time preferred microfibre undies to boxers or tighty whities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witchywoman View Post
    You're not giving this guy enough credit. He WAS exceptionally good looking he had this face and quite the athletic body to go with it. He's done nothing to keep his masculine body over the last 20 years.

    Given that he's a multiple olympic gold medal winner, does that sentence need to be qualified?
    Also, my father was a professional dancer, after he stopped dancing he kept up his fitness as it was a way of life to him, he completed his first marathon at 46, nd was still running or working out in the gym until recently (he is now 77). His body is def better than Bruce's and Bruce is quite a lot younger. I also find it strange that he didn't keep it up given that the environment that he lives in is one of fitness and health.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bellatheball View Post
    If he wants to be a woman and it makes him happy, have at it. Shave that adam's apple baby.

    We have a dedicated LGBTQ clinic in our hospital and it's one of the first of its kind in the US. Two physicians run it and jump at any chance to speak at conferences about working with this community. I'm totally on board with making people comfortable and able to express their concerns in a safe, respectful way but they just get a bit intense. They discuss being "binary" and how some people aren't just men or women but they are somewhere in the gray zone between. They put serious, intense emphasis on pronouns and how they must be documented in medical charts and followed AT ALL TIMES. It's funny, I half expect if someone walked into that clinic having a heart attack, they'd worry about calling the person "he" or "she" or "they" before taking care of the issue at hand.
    I guess that they are very concerned with ensuring that the people they treat have a safe environment where they are recognized for the gender that they identify with. I guess that their lives are so hard & full of ridicule (from family, friends or strangers in the street) that having a shelter is very important.
    Quote Originally Posted by sluce View Post
    At the gym this morning a group of women started discussing this in the locker room. One of the older women, in her late 70s, said "he should become a woman if that makes him happy, and he wouldn't be any worse looking than the other women in his family." LOL
    Its funny isn't it? I find that its the grannies that are the most accepting.
    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post

    Chrystie Scott, who is still in touch with her ex, says that the comments will hurt him and there’s only one person behind the rumours - Kris Jenner.

    Speaking exclusively, Chrystie, 63, says: ‘This is a plan by Kris to destroy his life, she's not a pleasant woman... She's out to get him. She doesn't want him to be happy.’

    'Chrystie claims that it was Kris who sent the story out, stating: ‘It’s her putting out all these rumours. I didn’t want to speak to the press, but she’s the one. I’ve said enough already.'

    The couple had two children together, Burt, now 35, and Casey, 33, and Chrystie has always stuck up for her ex even though he left her while she was pregnant with Casey for model Linda Thompson, whom he eventually married.

    She told People Magazine years later that there was never a custody battle and she has retained her respect for him, before adding: ‘Bruce is a good father, and I want him involved with my kids.’

    Chrystie, who is divorced from her second lawyer husband Robert, is still in touch with Bruce and says that being away from Kris is the best thing that can happen for him and the children.

    He would be wishing that the story would just die away, according to Chrystie.

    She says: ‘I don't speak to him that often, but it's better for everyone, especially the kids, that they're not together and she's out of his life. Hopefully, they'll have more of a chance of leading a normal life out of the spotlight.

    ‘I can't say anymore, but he’s never been a cross-dresser in all the time I've known him.’
    1. i guess its too much for the Daily Fail to realize that cross dressing & transgenderism can be totally different things?
    2. The 1st wife isn't stating anything that we don't already know.
    3. If he was such a good dad, how come he had hardly anything to do with his second family? I mean, he had enough determination and drive to be an Olympian, but he lets Kris henpeck him into not seeing his boys? *snort*
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    Seeing that Kartrashians picture only serves to remind me of how disgusting they are. I loathe them.
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    I didn't know the first wife was pregnant when he left her for the second one. He really is a shit.

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    Looking at those photos, back in the day he was really good-looking and had great thighs.
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    Kris and Bruce deserved each other. Some day, the spotlight will dim on all of them (God willing). The Kartrashians will amp up the desperate, and maybe then, Bruce can do whatever it is he wants to do, large or small trachea (and yes, trachea may be a euphemism). Not that I feel at all sorry for him. He should own his choices.

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    I look at the old and current pics and feel really sad for him.
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    He was huge in those pics from when he was competing. Maybe he was on the roids back then.
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    He looks like a burn victim.

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    Why would you ever do anything with that nose to begin with? I thought the one he was born with was just fine. That trachea surgery sounds like a major procedure. I guess it's not a big deal if it's the first of many procedures for a re-assignment, but, if not, who really hates their Adam's apple that much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
    Why would you ever do anything with that nose to begin with? I thought the one he was born with was just fine. That trachea surgery sounds like a major procedure. I guess it's not a big deal if it's the first of many procedures for a re-assignment, but, if not, who really hates their Adam's apple that much?

    Really. He looks at this mess and thinks that pesky adam's apple is the problem?

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    Maybe it gets in the way of all the pretty choker necklaces he wants to wear.
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    If you are reading this....Auntie Bruce, you go 'head on and get your surgery.
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