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Thread: Brooke Hogan trashes her father's mistress on Myspace

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    Brooke is a spoiled, naive brat. She wouldn't have any fame at all if not for her father. She's acting like a victim, when frankly, it has nothing to do with her. Her parents obviously had problems already and were going to get a divorce no matter what. Personally, I think she's just trying to drum up attention and get the pity vote.

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    I know divorce and cheating is hard on a family, but she's 19 (supposedly). Isn't she a little old to play the traumatized child card??
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    Brooke Hogan can type...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aabbcc View Post
    Why is a 19yo hanging out with a 33yo in the first place? What do they possibly have in common ... besides daddy?
    Thank you! I can't get past that one. What manner of non-cognitively impaired 33yo has shit in common with 19yo Brooke Hogan??

    This scheming ho obviously knew what she wanted from the get go. And if Brooke and the rest of the Hogans were too stupid to figure it out and NOT fall for it, they deserve the fallout.
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    HAHA! Her dad is notorious for having affairs. This bitch has no clue. NONE! I bet she doesn't even know her parents broke up Macho Man Randy Savage's 11 year marriage because they convinced his wife to leave him and have a quick threesome with the two of them. Then they ditched her, she took up with a druggie, and ODed. Yes, Brooke. Karma is a bitch.
    Thanks for the info - i had no idea. As for Brookes comments on Myspace - i understand she's hurting. But maybe everyone in that family should shut up...and try and sort this out in private.

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